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North Carolina travel and tourism is a flourishing sector. The state is home to a variety of tourist attractions such as golf courses, mountains, theme parks, beaches, wineries, and national parks. There are plentiful opportunities to participate in adventure sports like rock climbing, hiking, skiing, fishing, and kite surfing.
Though agriculture is an important industry in the state, North Carolina travel and tourism are very important industries. They make significant contribution to the prosperous economy of the state.

About North Carolina Travel and Tourism
Tourist attractions in the state include golf courses, theme parks, beaches, wineries, sports and meetings and conference venues. The North Carolina travel and tourism sector employs over 190,000 people.

The state of NC is the 6th most toured in the US. The top five visited states are California, Florida, Nevada, New York, and Pennsylvania. A Tourism Services Bureau is managed by the North Carolina Department of Commerce for offering monetary resources and advice for growth tourism in NC, including countryside tourism.

The characteristically southern state of North Carolina provides countless options to the travelers, with three separate territories. Tourists can take pleasure in outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing, hiking, and skiing, together with a flavor of Appalachian music and tradition in the Smokey and Blue Ridge mountains. Growingly varied and fast-developing cities speckle the Piedmont region. Charlotte, the biggest city, is famous for skyscrapers. Raleigh, the capital of the state, is famous for the museums and remarkable localities. Chapel Hill is popular for its college nightlife.

Fishing, kite-surfing, sand, and sunlight bring tourists to the shoreline areas of the state - with isolated barrier islands in the outermost ocean banks. The lively seashore city of Wilmington is also a top tourist draw.

Popular North Carolina travel destinations

Given below are some popular tourist destinations in the state of NC:
1) Appalachian National Scenic Trail

2) Great Smoky Mountains National Park - The most traveled National Park in the whole nation.

3) Cape Hatteras National Seashore

4) Blue Ridge Parkway - One of the most traveled segments of the National Park System. It is a picturesque 469 mile itinerary.

5) Outer Banks - Famous for its legendary lighthouses and wild horses

6) Cape Lookout National Seashore

7) Pinehurst - Known for its scenic golf courses.

8) The Biltmore Estate - Biltmore House of George Vanderbilt with 250 rooms, rambling backyards, and vineyard. It is situated in Asheville.

9) Andy Griffith - Famous for amusement, dining, lodging, and shopping venues. It is situated in Mount Airy.

10) The Lost Colony - The enigma of this place still hangs around in Roanoke Island on outside banks of North Carolina.

11) Pisgah National Forest - It is a must watch for tourists to the western North Carolina region.

12) The NC Appalachian Mountains and Asheville - the most beautiful region in the state. The major city is Asheville. The tallest summit in the Appalachian Range, Mount Mitchell, is also situated in the westernmost part of the state.

Last Updated on: May 17, 2017