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Mississippi Flag

by Aakash Singha

The Mississippi Flag that is currently in use came down to the people after numerous historical events and modifications. The old Magnolia Flag was used for the state from 1861.

Mississippi Flag

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About Mississippi Flag

Between 1861 and 1865, the state flew the flags of the Confederate States. After that the official Mississippi Flag was adopted in the year 1894. The governor of Mississippi passed a bill on 12th January, 2001, to select a new official Mississippi Flag.

The electorate would have to vote in order to choose between 2 designs. The vote was supposed to be held that year on 17th April. The results of the vote made it evident that Mississippi Flag, which flew for some 107 years was to remain the champion and hold its head high over the state.

Description of Mississippi Flag

The Mississippi Flag is composed of three horizontal stripes of equal width. The bottom stripe is red and the topmost is blue, separated by a white stripe. The left corner of the above portion of the Mississippi Flag bears a red square. On it a navy blue colored diagonal cross or saltire is featured. There are 13 white stars on this cross, and each star has 5 points. Both the red square and the blue cross are bordered with white lines.

Symbolism of Mississippi Flag

The Mississippi Flag bears clear resemblances with the earlier flags of the Confederate States. The colors blue, white and red are indicative of the American national colors. According to the Legislature of Mississippi, the 13 stars stand for the original 13 colonies of the US. The sybolism of the Mississippi Flag gives an enlightening insight about the country and its core values.

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