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Missouri Flag

by Aakash Singha

According to the history of the Missouri Flag, it was adopted on 22nd March, 1913 and its designer was Mrs. Marie Elizabeth Watkins Oliver.

Missouri Flag

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The Missouri Flag is composed of 3 horizontal stripes, with red at the top, followed by white and blue at the bottom. The state seal is placed at the center of the flag. Encircling it is a blue band featuring 24 white stars.

These stars bring into light that Missouri was the 24th state to become a member of the Union. There is another cluster of 24 stars within the shield, that hint at the same connotation. The central state coat of arms is held by 2 grizzly bears.

Symbolism of Missouri Flag

The 3 primary colors, which are red, white and blue, being the national colors, stand for the virtues of heroism, purity, justice and vigilance. The bears represent mighty strength and power. The shield is divided into 2 halves. The right portion depicts the United States coat of arms. This is to signify the authority and control of the US over the state. The left half bears 2 images; a crescent moon, which is a symbol for the new state and the second one is a grizzly bear representing bravery.

The motto “United We Stand, Divide We Fall” forms a part of the emblem. The bears are shown on a ribbon that reads the state motto “Let The Welfare Of The People Be The Supreme Law”. Right below it, the Roman numerals MDCCCXX or 1820 indicates the year when Missouri became a formal state of the Union. The meaning and the description of the Missouri Flag go hand is hand, thus every element on it is significant.

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