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Indianapolis Map

by Vishul Malik

Indianapolis City Facts Country USA (United States of America) State Indiana Counties Marion Total Area 372 sq miles Lat Long Coordinates 39.7683° N, 86.1581° W Time Zone EST (UTC−05:00) Demonyms…

Indianapolis City Map

Indianapolis City Facts

Country USA (United States of America)
State Indiana
Counties Marion
Total Area 372 sq miles
Lat Long Coordinates 39.7683° N, 86.1581° W
Time Zone EST (UTC−05:00)
Demonyms Indianian
Area Code 317
Language English
Major Religion Catholic
Museums Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum, Indiana State Museum, Indiana Medical History Museum.
Universities University of Indianapolis
Official Website

Tourist Attractions:

There are plenty of tourist attractions in Indianapolis to keep visitors in the city entertained. Some of the more popular attractions are the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Crossroads Greenhouse, and Freetown Village. If you visit Freetown Village, you will be able to experience the lives of African-Americans in 19th century Indiana. You can take part in a variety of entertaining and educational programs, such as An Evening Dinner with Freetown Village, craft and heritage workshops, youth summer camps, touring performances, and theatre shows.

Amusement Parks:

You can keep your adrenaline flowing at the thrilling amusement parks of Indianapolis. Some of these are Fishers Family Entertainment Center, Game Works Studio, and Greatimes Fun Park. The Game Works Studio offers the latest in video game technology. Some of the latest games are the full-size Indy cars and Maxflight,a simulated roller coaster. It is housed in an enormous 27,000 square foot party venue that has plenty of thrilling games for visitors.

Beaches in Indianapolis:

 There are not many beaches in Indianapolis, since it is located in the center of Indiana. Some of the beaches near the city are Indiana Beach, Cecil M. Harden Lake, Indiana Dunes, and Cagles Mills Lake. Indiana Beach is located on Lake Shafer in northwest Indiana. Families in Indiana have flocked to this beach in the summer for decades. The entertainment offered here during the summertime includes the boardwalk, amusement park rides, and water games. There are more than 20 adult thrill rides, a water park, a haunted castle, a mini golf course, and an Aqua theater with water stunt shows.

Outdoor Activities in Indianapolis:

For the outdoor sports enthusiasts, there are plenty of opportunities to continue their fitness regimen while on a visit to Indianapolis. For example, if you want to explore nature, there are a lot of parks and gardens in Indianapolis where you can. Some of the parks in Indianapolis are Broad Ripple Park, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park and Landmark for Peace Memorial, and Eagle Creek Park and Marina. The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park and Landmark for Peace Memorial is named after the Civil Rights leader, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. This is the place where Robert Kennedy gave his historic speech on the night King was assassinated in the year 1968. In memory of both the assassinated leaders, the Landmark for Peace memorial sculpture was built there.

Transportation in Indianapolis:

 Mass Transit:The roads in Indianapolis are infamously confusing. Visitors to the city would do best to remember that the city layout is based on a huge circle.


The Indianapolis International Airport ()serves the city of Indianapolis. On average, 300 flights leave daily from this airport for over 100 destinations.

Hotels in Indianapolis:

Hotels in Indianapolis can be broadly categorized into the following:

Budget Hotels in Indianapolis:

Quality Inn, Indy Hostel, Suburban Extended Stay Northeast Hotel, Serendipity Haus

Mid Range Hotels in Indianapolis:

All Nations B&B, Brick Street Inn, Brickyard Crossing Inn & Resort, Comfort Suites, FantaSuite, Looking Glass Inn Bread & Breakfast, Nestle Inn Bread & Breakfast, Quality Inn Downtown South

Luxury Hotels in Indianapolis:

15 North, Canterbury Hotel, Crowne Plaza at Union Station, Conrad Indianapolis, The Kendall Inn, Sheraton Indianapolis City Center, The Villa, The Westin, Yellow Rose Inn, Luxus Suites and Spa

Restaurants in Indianapolis:

There are a number of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines available to you in Indianapolis. For instance, if you want to eat French food tonight, then some choices are Chanteclair, The Classic Kitchen, and Brugge Brasserie. The latter is a trendy French restaurant that specializes in French country-style cuisine. Among the delicious items featured on the menu are Prince Edward Island Mussels, crepes, thick stews, and an assortment of delicious sandwiches. This is a family hangout, with a special menu for the kids and a variety of non-alcoholic drinks like root beer and orange-vanilla cream sodas to choose from.

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