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Colorado County Map

by Vishul Malik

About Colorado Counties This twenty-second most populous state of the United States of America gets its name from the Colorado river, which the Spanish named ‘Rio Colorado’ for the reddish…

Colorado County Map

About Colorado Counties

This twenty-second most populous state of the United States of America gets its name from the Colorado river, which the Spanish named ‘Rio Colorado’ for the reddish silt the river carved from the mountains. This ‘Centennial State’ of the since it became a part of the States in the centennial year of the US independence, is well-known for the distinct kinds of landscape it offers.

Colorado, the eighth largest state of the US, comprises a total area of 104,094 square miles. Wyoming shares a border with Colorado in the north whereas Kansas and Nebraska are to its east and northeast. The southern border is shared with the states of Oklahoma and New Mexico and the western boundary is shared with the state of Utah whereas Arizona lies to its southwest. There is one common point where the four states of the US: Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico come together, which is famous as the Four Corners. The point is also called as the heart of the southwestern America.

Some prominent Counties of Colorado

Colorado is administered effectively through the various county seats in the state as it is segregated into 64 counties in total. Some of the main counties of the state are Denver County, Rio Grande County, San Juan County, Lake County, Adams County, Baca County, and Broomfield County.

Adams County

Adams County, with the county seat as Brighton, is spread over an area of 1,184 square miles. The county hosts an annual ‘Adams County Fair’ where various events, races, and contests are held for the visitors of the fair. The Butterfly Pavilion situated in Westminster is a unique insect zoo in the county. The Water World is a water-based amusement park spread in an area of 67 acres, thereby making it in the list of the largest water parks of the country. For all the golf lovers in the state, the Colorado Golf Club serves the purpose efficiently.

Baca County

Baca County is another place that the state boasts of, with its county seat being the Springfield City. The place, which is spread in an area of 2,557 square miles, offers amazing sightseeing in the various hidden canyons of the prairie and the delightful wildlife of the grasslands. Eight Mile corner, Comanche National Grassland, and Picture Canyon are the notable places here.

Denver City-County

Denver is the city-county of Colorado established in 1858. Denver, the capital and also the most populous city of Colorado, offers a whole array of opportunities to its visitors and tourists. Right from Denver Art Museum to Denver Zoo, from State Capitol Building to Downtown Aquarium and Opera Houses, this city-county, with an area of 155 square miles, provides entertainment and luxury to one and many alike. The Downtown Aquarium is the biggest aquarium between California and Chicago. The place offers its visitors amazing encounters with the various sea creatures like sea turtles, sharks, rainbow fish, sea otters, and stingrays in gallons of water at the aquarium.

El Paso County

The most populous county of the state, El Paso, has Colorado Springs, the second most populated city in Colorado, as its county seat. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is the only zoo in the US, which is located on the mountainside. The Zoo houses over 750 animals, constituting 150 different species, including over 30 endangered species. Seven Falls, the string of seven gushing waterfalls, in the South Cheyenne Canyon of Colorado is a large visitor attraction.

Lake County

The county seat of Lake County (established in 1861) is Leadville, which is the lone municipality here. The county, is home to Mount Elbert, which is the highest peak of the Rocky Mountains. Ski Cooper, Dexter Cabin, and Holy Cross Wilderness are other places to see in the county.

Rio Grande County

Rio Grande County formed in 1874 and the county seat being Del Norte is situated in the San Luis Valley is the gateway for the San Juan Mountains. The county, whose total area is 912 square miles, is home to the Rio Grande County Museum, Rio Grande National Forest, San Juan Forest, and Wolf Creek Ski area.

San Juan County

The least populous county of the state and established in 1876 is San Juan County. With the county seat as Silverton, it is also the highest county in the entire US having an average elevation of 3,426 meters. Kendall Mountain, Shenandoah-Dives Mill Museum, San Juan Skyway, and Weminuche Wilderness the prominent places to visit in the county.

Most populous counties in Tennessee

El Paso County – 622,263
City and County of Denver – 600,158
Arapahoe County – 572,003
Jefferson County – 534,543
Adams County – 441,603
Larimer County – 299,630
Boulder County – 294,567
Douglas County – 285,465
Weld County – 252,825
Pueblo County – 159,063

Largest Counties in Tennessee by Area

City and County of Broomfield – 33.57 sq mi
Gilpin County – 150.15 sq mi
City and County of Denver – 155.66 sq mi
Lake County – 383.55 sq mi
San Juan County – 388.99 sq mi


List of Counties in Colorado

County Name Population Area (sq. mi.)
Adams County 363857 1191.93
Alamosa County 14966 722.74
Arapahoe County 487967 803.14
Archuleta County 9898 1350.22
Baca County 4517 2555.72
Bent County 5998 1513.9
Boulder County 291288 742.46
Broomfield County 62,138 34
Chaffee County 16242 1013.45
Cheyenne County 2231 1781.35
Clear Creek County 9322 395.45
Conejos County 8400 1287.22
Costilla County 3663 1227.1
Crowley County 5518 788.99
Custer County 3503 738.89
Delta County 27834 1142.11
Denver County 554636 153.35
Dolores County 1844 1066.97
Douglas County 175766 840.11
Eagle County 41659 1687.88
Elbert County 19872 1850.78
El Paso County 516929 2126.45
Fremont County 46145 1532.93
Garfield County 43791 2947.06
Gilpin County 4757 149.87
Grand County 12442 1846.67
Gunnison County 13956 3238.81
Hinsdale County 790 1117.68
Huerfano County 7862 1590.87
Jackson County 1577 1613.21
Jefferson County 527056 772.09
Kiowa County 1622 1770.99
Kit Carson County 8011 2160.87
Lake County 7812 376.89
La Plata County 43941 1692.15
Larimer County 251494 2601.3
Las Animas County 15207 4772.63
Lincoln County 6087 2586.09
Logan County 20504 1838.52
Mesa County 116255 3327.75
Mineral County 831 875.72
Moffat County 13184 4742.25
Montezuma County 23830 2036.63
Montrose County 33432 2240.61
Morgan County 27171 1285.36
Otero County 20311 1262.86
Ouray County 3742 540.47
Park County 14523 2200.69
Phillips County 4480 687.62
Pitkin County 14872 970.42
Prowers County 14483 1640.38
Pueblo County 141472 2388.69
Rio Blanco County 5986 3220.97
Rio Grande County 12413 911.6
Routt County 19690 2361.59
Saguache County 5917 3168.44
San Juan County 558 387.42
San Miguel County 6594 1286.5
Sedgwick County 2747 548.24
Summit County 23548 608.16
Teller County 20555 557.06
Washington County 4926 2520.98
Weld County 180936 3992.45
Yuma County 9841 2365.79

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