La Maddalena and Lampedusa, Italy

La Maddalena-Lampedusa islands are parts of the Italian territory, which forms the south most part of Italy. Its area is about 7.8 square miles wide.

Lampedusa Island and La Maddalena Islands are parts of the Italian territory that are located at in different latitudinal and longitudinal positions. So in order to know how they are and what their specialties are, we must study them separately.

Isola di Lampedusa or the Lampedusa Island is among the largest Pelagie Islands on the Mediterranean Sea. It is located at a distance of 205 km from Sicily Island and 113 km from Tunisia. It is also the leading part of the comune of Lampedusae Linosa, with a convoy of smaller islands of Linosa and Lampione. Like the parent isles of Lampedusa, Linosa is also a populated island with most of the people engaged in fishing, agriculture and tourism; whereas, Lampione hosts an automatic lighthouse.

The geographical conditions of Lampedusa Island are arid landmass that geologically forms a part of the African continent. There is no regular source of water except for those accumulated through annual scanty rainfall. The fauna and flora of Lampedusa Isles is similar to North African's. Isola dei Conigli is a prominent southern coastal tip of Lampedusa. It is famous for being the egg-laying site in Italy by the Loggerhead Sea Turtle. The fauna consists of mantas and dolphins.

Lampedusa Island is part of the Agrigento Province that is made of Lampedusa, Linosa, Cala Creta, Cala Francese, Grecale, Terranova fractions. Being under the jurisdiction of Sicily, there are frequent ferry services inbetween via the Porto Empedocle seaport. Lampedusa also has a small national airport. There are various popular tourist entertaining programs.

La Maddalena Island is located in the northern corner of Sardinia, hence being a part of the Olbia-Tempio province. It also homes a town that has the same name of the Island and is supposed to be the largest in the Maddalena archipelago. It is positioned just 2 km from the northeastern shore of Sardinia, on the Straits of Bonifacio. The island has its own La Maddalena harbor that connects to other European and international boundaries.

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