Procida, Italy

The most spectacular though less popular in the Bay of Naples, Procida was formed by volcanic maneuver. The island is one of the historic centre in Italy, famous for its folklore and traditions.

Procida, an island of the Campania region, is one among other Phlegrean islands, located adjacent to the coastal plains of Naples city in Italy . Procida lies between the Cape Miseno and the island of Ischia. It also exists along with its tiny satellite island of Vivara.

Covering an area of 41 square k, the total population of the island is 10,694. It is geographically placed at 40°46'N and 14°02'E. the people of Procida Island is known as Procidani. Comune di Procida derived its name from the latin word of Prochyta . Some people believe that the name "Procida" came from Prima Cyme, meaning 'near Cuma'.

During the ancient period, Procida was under the dictatorship of Mycene. Later in the 8th century B.C., the first settlement of Greeks was found by the archeologists. However, during Roman supremacy, Procida became a renowned resort for the patrician class of Rome.

In the Middle Age, Procida became under the jurisdiction of the Duke of Naples. The region was totally devastated after repeated attacks from people of other communities. The then Procidanis were forced to resettle in a fortified village of Medieval period. Much later, in 1339, unifying with the Island of Ischia, Procida witnessed a deep economic transformation. Fishing was not only a fashion or passion activity but also became an occupation for many in preference to agriculture.

In the Modern times, post Napoleonic Wars, Procida was ruined to ground and only grew upto a decent land mass in 1860, after the downfall of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

Geologically, Procida was a result of the volcanic eruption of four active mountains which now rests as dormant and submerged. The highest point of the Procida Isalnd is the Terra Murata hill standing 91 m altitude.

Procida Island is famous for its cultural values, and many old renowned novelists were born there. The area is also famous for cinema and other cultural arts. Procida has been chosen as a film set for numerous Hollywood films. The island also homes many historical centre of Italy.

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