Pantelleria, Italy

Pantelleria Island is one of the producers of great wines made up with special grapes. It is also popular for its archeological sites which has unfolded many secrets about the land there.

Pantelleria or Pantalaria in Italian is an island in the Strait of Sicily lying on the Mediterranean Sea. It is positioned at a distance of 100 km southwestern Sicily. Known as Cossyra during the ancient days, Pantelleria, Italy is 70 km east of the African coast.

Headed by Mayor Salvatore Gabriele, Pantelleria falls under the province of Trapani in the Sicily region. Topographically, the island is entirely a volcanic one that spread through out an area of 83 square km. However, there is no active volcano that can be found in this island of Pantelleria . Nevertheless, the extinct crater is of height 836 m. being a uniform stretch of volcanic ground, there are many hot mineral springs and ebullitions of steam. Yet, Pantelleria Island is fertile lacking fresh water resources.

Pantelleria owns its own harbor that is apt for small steamers. You can reach the island through frequent abundant ferries and hydrofoils from Trapani.

There are many prominent places in Pantelleria Island. On the western coast upto 3 km towards the southeast lay the Neolithic village made of a rampart of small blocks of obsidian. These blocks are 7.5 meters high and 10 meters wide and 5 meters in length. The remaining of the huts is found with pottery, tools of obsidian, and other artifacts.

On the southeast, lays the district of Cunelie. The place is an accumulation of large number of tombs, called as sesi . These are similar in nature to the nuraghe of Sardinia except for its larger size than the latter, shaped in rotunda form or elliptical towers and also have sepulchral chambers within it. They are built of rough blocks of lava.

Comune di Pantelleria 's density of population is 73 people per square km. on the world map, you can find the island of Pantelleria, Italy at 36°50'N, 11°57'E. The natives of the island are named as Panteschi.

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