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Beaches of Greece

Beaches of Greece are the most popular tourist spots in Greece, which attracts thousands of travelers every year. There are almost 404 beaches lined up in the coastal regions that are well supervised by the government of Greece.

The beaches of Greece encircle the deep blue waters, which are open to all kinds of water sports. During the summers and spring seasons these beaches are usually crowded with tourists and local people of Greece. The ideal time to visit these beaches are in the month of October and November. During that time the sand is comparatively cooler and the waters are also quite transparent. There are a number of island beaches in Greece, which are popular for their scenic beauty and cool atmosphere.

Beaches In Santorini Island
The beaches in Santorini islands and Ionian islands are starkly beautiful. In the deep blue waters of these beaches catamarans, ferries and yachts are seen sailing. They also provide joy rides to several tourists and foreign travelers who wish to enjoy the beauty of the islands along with the blue waters. The red beach in Santorini island is one of the most beautiful beaches, which is also an awesome place to relax. There are also many naturalist beaches lining the coasts of Greece where nudism is quite prevalent. These beaches are usually summer beaches where tourists are seen sun-bathing and enjoying the pleasant maritime climate.

Crete Beaches
Crete beaches are the most fabulous beaches in the whole country of Crete. The beaches situated in the western side of Crete are nestled in between the mountains and are an exquisite piece of art.

These beaches have a serene and peaceful atmosphere and there are many hotels and five star resorts situated around these beaches, which provide accommodation to the travelers and tourists coming to visit the island of Crete. All kinds of beaches are found in Crete starting from very ethnic and traditional beaches to naturalistic and nude beaches.

Features of The Different Beaches in Crete
The beaches that are located in the region of Georgioupolis are densely populated with people. These beaches are adorned with light sands, pine trees and lush green grass. The beaches in Falasarna located in the western coastal linings of Greece have cool shady spots meant for relaxation. These beaches are often decorated beautiful during any festive situation for instance at the time of Christmas eve or Greek new year.

Sougia beach is another of its kind, which is almost 200m long and is situated in a tiny village . The Sougia beach is very clean and hygienic. Nudism is highly prevalent in this beach. Western Chania, Paleochora, Plakias and Elafonisos beaches are some of the most spectacular beaches in Greece as well as in the island of Crete.

Cyclades Beaches Cyclades Beaches are known for their crystal clear waters, white warm sands and lush green vegetation abounding in pine trees. The beaches in Cyclades are crowded with tourists and foreign travelers.

These beaches in Greece provide great source of entertainment and recreation not only to the locals, but also to the people hailing from different countries. The deep blue waters of Cyclades beaches are ideally suited for all kinds of water sports such as swimming, scuba-diving, snorkeling and water-skating. These beaches are equipped with all the latest facilities such as life guards who work round the clock. Care is taken in order to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene in these beaches.

Features of Some of The Popular Beaches in Cyclades
Andros, Amargos, Koufonisia, Ios, Nixos, Tinos, Syros in Cyclades island comprises of some of the most mesmerizing beaches. Many naturalistic beaches found in this island are the most popular tourist attractions. Agia Anna beach situated in the heart of Amorgos is one of the most densely populated beaches of Cyclades. The beach is completely covered with pebbles and its main attraction is its cool maritime climate. Aegiali, Agios Pavlos are some of the popular beaches in Amaros which can be traversed easily by bus, boat or by any other private conveyance. The town of Andros consists of almost 300 beaches where people from all age groups are seen crowding these beaches. Some of the most popular beaches are located on the western coastal regions near Batsi.

Dodecanese Beaches
Dodecanese Beaches are considered as some of the best beaches in the Aegean Sea. Dodecanese Beaches are the ideal place where the visitors can spend hours relaxing and rejuvenating. Ideal place for sun basking or swimming in azures waters. Beaches of Dodecanese beaches are of different types like Shallow water beaches for family, popular beaches sunbathers, cloistered beaches for couples, nudist beaches and gay beaches .

Famous Dodecanese Beaches are:
  • Rhodes Beaches Greece: The beaches of Kalathos, Kiotari, Afandou, Faliraki, Ladiko, Tsambika, Stegna and Vlycha on the northern part of Rhodes Island and Ixia, Ialyssos and Paradissi licated on the southern part of Rhodes are renowned beaches of white sand and azures waters.
  • Patmos Beaches Greece: Beaches of Kambos, Meloi, Agriolivado, Grikos on the eastern part of Patmos and Psili Ammos Beach located on the southwestern part of Patmos are regarded as the most beautiful and distinctive beaches of Patmos Beaches. The beaches are accessible by boat or on foot.
  • Leros Beaches Greece: The beaches of Panteli, Alinda, Dyoliskaria, and Vromolithos located on the eastern part and Gourna and Merikia situated on the western part, Partheni and Blefoutis on northern part as well as Xirokambos situated in the southern part of Leros are all famous beaches of Greece.
  • Kos Beaches Greece: Agios Kamila, Stefanos, Kamari, Kardamena and Paradissos on the south part of Kos Island, Mastichari, Lambi, Marmari and Tigaki on the northern coast and Psalidi, Agios Fokas and Thermes on the southeastern side.
Ionian Beaches
Ionian Beaches are the must visit tourist destination of Greece. The beaches of Ionian are not only famous for their astonishing beauty but they also an important part of the ecotourism of the country. Dotted with pine trees, Beaches in Ionian produces dramatic views with turquoise sea, white sand and excellent atmosphere.

Ten Famous beaches of Ionian are:
  • Yialos, Lefkadha: It is a beach located in deserted area of Ionia and si famous for coarse-sand lapped by milky waves and present an all enticing views.
  • Vrika, Andipaxi: This small sandy cove is ideal destination is a perfect romantic getaway.
  • Petani, Kefallonia: It is a wild beach of Greece that is famous for shady rock overhangs.Longas, Corfu: the majestic beach present an enticing picture where the firm sands tucked under the red cliffs.
  • Issos, Corfu: It is the best sandy stretch of Ionian that is also famous as a nude beach. The Korission lagoon is the home to migratory birds are nearby attraction of the beach.
  • Myrtos, Kefallonia: It is pebbly sanded beach, which is carved out from the mountainous coast. It si also a famous nude beach of Greece.
  • Vassiliki, Lefkadha: The shallow waters of the sandy beach is ideal for enjoying windsurfing.
  • Limni Keriou, Zakynthos: It is a pretty beach, which is the hub of tourism of Greece.
  • Ayios Nikítas, Lefkadha : Considered as one of the finest beach of Ionian, it also feature a picturesque fishing village resort.
  • Shipwreck Bay, Zákynthos: The beach is a stunning most photogenic place of ionnian, which is only accessible by boat. It is the nesting ground of endangered species loggerhead turtles.
The long stretches of sun kissed Ionian Beaches are surely enticing one and they are a chief aspect of tourism of the country. Saronic Beaches
Saronic Beaches are not so popular beaches in the country of Greece. The Saronic beaches abounds in lush green vegetation and wildlife species. These beaches in Saronic Islands are less inhabited in comparison to the beaches situated in islands such as Sporades and Crete.

Features of The Hydra, Aegina And Spetses Beaches in Saronic Islands
The most commonly visited beaches of Greece are Hydra, Aegina and Spetses beaches. The beautiful beaches in Aegina have a cool weather and the surrounding areas are covered with pine trees and lush green grass. These beaches are ideally suited for family excursions. The transparent waters of these beaches are suitable for all kinds of water sports activities such as scuba-diving, water-rafting, snorkeling and swimming.

Many beaches of this island have a rocky, uneven surface and is less visited by the tourists and the local people. These beaches are often surrounded by small bays. One of the most famous beaches of Aegina is Agia Marina,which is located near the town of Aegina in the Saronic islands. This beach consists of light sands, which are usually warm through out the year. The beaches in Hydra are known for their clear waters, which have an unusual shade of blue. The frequently visited beaches in Hydra are Hydroneta, Spilia, Aviaki.

The beaches in Poros and Spetses are serene beaches, which are located in small bays safeguarded from the effects of the wind.

Sporades Beaches Sporades beaches are known for their scenic beauty and cool climate. There are a large number of beaches in the Sporades Island, which are crowded with tourists and foreign travelers coming from different parts of the world.

The beaches of Sporades are popular for their deep blue waters, where boats, ferries, hired catamarans and yachts are seem sailing. The clear waters provide other sources of entertainment to the people such as scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, water-rafting and many other activities. The beaches in Sporades are surrounded by lush green grass and pine trees.

Beaches in Alonissos, Skiathos, And Skopelos
Sporades Beaches in Alonissos, Skiathos, and Skopelos islands are the most popular amongst tourists and foreign travelers. These beaches have an atmosphere of serenity. The most well-known beaches in Alonissos are namely Gialos, Rousoum, Chrisi Milia and Platsoukia. The beaches in Alonissos are easily accessible by bus or by other private conveyance.

The beaches of Skiathos are surrounded by innumerable number of pine trees and there are cool shady spots in these beaches, which provide relaxation to the foreign tourists and local beach-goers. The sand texture of these beaches are very light and are quite cool and soothing. Some of the most captivating beaches of Skiathos are Agia Paraskevi, Agia Eleni, Banana and many others. The beaches in Skopelos are well-maintained and they are marked with lush green vegetation rich in pine trees.