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Greece Entertainment

Greece is an interesting country with providing lots of amusement and entertainment for the leisure tourists.

Greece entertainment includes numerous archaeological sites, museums and galleries.
Greece entertainment is an ideal mix of tradition with modernity. The theaters and cinemas and concerts in Greece gives a feel of the rich civilization. Greek Amphitheaters are unique. The performers stage a play in a open boundary and the audience seated at a higher level enjoy the show. On the other hand, the bars, cafes and clubs all over the country, are a major source of Greece entertainment. The capital city of Athens has some of the finest clubs in the country.

The restaurants and taverns are also a major source of entertainment in Greece, especially for food lovers. Tourists get a chance to taste authentic Greek cuisine rich in traditional flavor and taste. Apart from this, these restaurants and taverns also serve Indian, Chinese, middle eastern and Thai cuisine.

Athens has a numerous bars, cafes and clubs. Some of these bars are situated in picturesque locations. Tourists can unwind after a tiring day, by sipping a drink and watching the sunset by the Aegean Sea. For a musical evening, the tourists can choose any of the music clubs. These music clubs play music ranging from hip hop to the traditional Greek bouzouki.

Greece entertainment for children come in the form of colorful fun fairs or 'Luna Parks'. Teenagers can enjoy rollerskating, bowling and many such activities.

The open air cinemas, during the summer months is an unique source of Greece entertainment. It is indeed thrilling to enjoy the latest blockbusters under the star filled sky. Several theaters organize musical concerts throughout the year. Watching concerts in Lycabettos Theater in Athens is once a lifetime opportunity.

In the recent years, nightlife in Greece has taken an upswing with the new casinos, nightclubs and bars popping up everywhere in the city. Most of the casinos are lined up with the luxury hotels of Greece. The Casino Xanthi in Northern Greece is a world famous name.

Greece is considered to be a shopper's paradise. Shopping in Greece is a fascinating experience. From wine and herbs to expensive jewelery Greece has everything. Some of the best buys of Greece are antique jewelery, sponges, fur coats, leather sandals bags and jackets. Quality stuff at reasonable prices are available in the huge departmental stores.

Greece entertainment comes with lots of variety and options. Everybody, from the young to the old gets entertained in Greece.

Shopping in Greece
Shopping in Greece is an enjoyable and a memorable experience. Greece is a shopper's paradise and the range of items includes clothing, jewelery and also traditional Greek products like wines, pottery, religious icons and embroidery.

Shopper's are amazed by the reasonable price and the good product quality. The shopping hours in Greece are 8.30 to 17.00 hrs on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday it is from 8.30 to 14.00hrs and after a short break resumes from 17:30hrs and stretches upto 20:30hrs. Sundays most of the shops are closed, except for those around the Plaka and the Monastiraki area. During the festive seasons like Christmas the shopping hours change accordingly.

The capital city of Athens has an excellent selection of shops. The Ermou Street located in the heart of Athens is a wonderful place to shop for clothes. The variety ranges from internationally renowned brands, stand alone exclusive boutiques and also clothing which are locally tailored. Cigarettes, newspapers and magazines are available in the small kiosks littered in and around the street corners. These are open for 24 hours. The district of Kolonaki, located right at the foot of Lycabitus Hill is a one of the main shopping destinations in Greece. This shopping area in Greece is dotted with large number of cafes, where the impulsive shoppers can enjoy refreshment.

For souvenirs of gifts, Monastiraki in the Plaka area of Athens is a shopping paradise of Greece. Items like marble statues, jewelery, key rings, posters and a huge number of other fascinating items can be bought here. The Ekonomeas Gallery in The Plaka Area Athens is an exclusive Art shop. Unique ceramic statues, different art books adorn the racks in this shop. Different leather goods like the leather sandals, leather bags and jackets are abundant in the Plaka area. Antiques are available in plenty. Famous antique shops sell copied versions of ancient statues in terracotta and plaster of paris.

Fur coats are a must buy for shoppers in Greece. Kastoria in Greece, produces the world's best fur coats. Stores in Ermou street specialize in fur coats.

Nightlife in Greece
Nightlife in Greece is fast, vibrant, colorful and fast paced. Greeks are born to party, they have ample fascination for music and drinks. Numerous bars, cafes, nightclubs and casinos are an integral part of the nightlife in Greece. The nightlife in Greece starts from 11 pm in the night and stretches till the dawn.

Nightlife in Greece with all its colors, fun and frolic is sure to entice everyone and leave them wanting more.


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