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Chad City Map

by Vishal Kumar

Chad City Map shows major cities and towns of Chad including Fada, Iriba, Ati, Sarh, Gore, Doba, Mao, and many more.

Chad City Map


Chad cities are few in number and most of them are rather towns than cities. The only place, which can be recognized as the proper city is N’Djamena. N’Djamena had once been the headquarters of the French people, who colonized Chad. This city is the most modernized one, facilitated with the best of amenities in Chad. Many of the roads of N’Djamena are well-paved roads and there are enough buses, taxis, and vans that ferry passengers within and outside the city. There is also an airport, the N’Djamena airport, which provides transportation to many countries both inside and outside the African continent.

The only other city that houses an international airport is Abeche city. Though it is not developed as par the usual modernized concept of city life, it is important because of its historical past. This place was formerly the capital of the Quaday kingdom. Tourists can explore the palace ruins of the Sultana and abandoned mosques of the same period. Though transportation in places of the cities, where there are no highways is mostly by donkey backs, it is fun nevertheless, going through the typical African way of life.

The other Chad cities or rather towns include Kélo, Koumra, Moundou, Sarh, Ati, Pala, Mao Linia, Mongo, Fada, Faya, Saigon, Mombassa, Sigli, Bongor, Makilala, Bedok, Katia, and Tibesti.

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