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Chad Flag

by Aakash Singha

Chad flag was officially hoisted for the first time in 1959. The national flag of Chad is composed of tri-colored vertical strips.

Chad Flag


Blank Chad Flag

Download Picture of Blank Chad Flag For Kids to Color

Inspired by the French Tricolore, the national flag of the Republic of Chad is a beautiful blend of pan-African colors and the colors of the French national flag. The green color of the original design was substituted by blue to avoid confusion with the flag of Mali. The flag of Chad consists of three equal vertical bands – Blue, yellow, and red from left to right.

The use of blue in the flag of Chad represents the clear blue skies and the azure waters on the southern shores of Chad. It represents hope and ambition for the country. The yellow band represents the bright sunshine experienced by Chad and also signifies the sands of the desert to the north of Chad. The red band stands for progress and unity and the sacrifice of the martyrs.

Official Name: Republic of Chad
Flag Proportion: 2:3
Adopted on: June 11, 1959
Location: Located in Central Africa and bordered by Libya, Central African Republic, Republic of Sudan, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger
Capital City: N’Djamena
Major Cities: Mandoul, Batha, Tibesti, Kanem
Area: 495,753 square miles
Population: 10,329,208
Currency: Central African Franc (CFA), Franc (XAF)
Official Languages: French and Arabic
National Anthem: The Chadian Hymn
National symbol(s): goat (north), lion (south)
National colors: blue, yellow, red
National anthem:
Name: “La Tchadienne” (The Chadian)
Lyrics/Music: Louis GIDROL and his students/Paul VILLARD

Facts about the Chad flag

Country Chad
Designed by NA
Adopted June 11, 1959
Revision NA
Design and Colors A vertical tricolor of blue, yellow and red.
Size Ratio 2:3

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