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Chad Culture

by Vishal Kumar

Chad-Society and Culture is very diverse and rich. A large number of African nomadic tribes dwell peaceful in the country of Chad and they make the most of the Chad…

Chad-Society and Culture is very diverse and rich. A large number of African nomadic tribes dwell peaceful in the country of Chad and they make the most of the Chad society and culture.

From the ancient times they have been dwelling in this country. Other cultural groups migrated from nearby regions of Chad and settled in this part of the African continent. In the recent times the Muslim population is highest in Chad because people from Arabic countries migrated at a huge rate in the early 19th century. The maximum number of cultural groups who co-habit in the land of Chad include Christian, French, Sara and from other origins. The different kinds of religion that are followed by the people of the Chad society are Christianity, Islam and various African religions.

People of Chad

The total population of Chad is made up of almost 200 ethnic groups and this explains the wide diversity and heterogeneity with which the life of Chad People is marked. The nationals of the country are known as Chadian.

Religion of Chad People Chad Religion comprises of three religions namely the Islam, Christianity and African Religions. The most important religion of Chad is Islam and it has been estimated that more than 50% of the total population of Chad is made of Muslim. Christianity is the second most prominent religion of the country and there are both Protestants and Catholic. Many people still believe and follow Animism, which is the native religion of the country.

Social Life of Chad People

The Chadian believes in the institution of marriage, but polygamy is permitted in their society. Family plays a very important role in the life of Chad People and is also regarded as the central unit of the society. The family is headed by the male member, i.e. husband, and consists of wives and children.

Languages Spoken in Chad

Chad languages are spoken by the African tribal groups and the ancient migrants who settled peacefully in the country of Chad. Chad languages are of 100 varieties and each language reflect the cultural ethnicity of the groups and clans dwelling in Chad.

The different regional Chad languages spoken through out the country are as follows: Mimi language, Baguirmi language, Bolgo language, Kanembu language, Gadang language, Tama language, Tebu language, Massa language, Mararit language, Bua language, Chadian Arabic, Tama Language, Sungor Language, Laal Language, Dazaga language, Amdang language, Naba language Gula Iro language

Customs and Traditions in Chad

Taubou or Daza Chad Custom

There are almost 200 different ethnic groups and the customs of Chad differ among each of the groups. Taubou or Daza is one of the main groups, who are basically known to live the life of nomads. These people believe in the custom of marriage and their family consists of a head, which is generally the husband, a wife and children. But in a Taubou or Daza family all major decisions are taken by the wife. These people also believe in the custom of polygamy. All the lawful customs the Taubou or Daza people are based on compensation and revenge.

Customs of Chad Arab

Arabs constitute an important section of the overall population of the country and hence it is important to know about the customs that are followed by them in Chad. “Kashimbet” is the primary social unit of the Arabs in Chad. The Arabs respect the institution of marriage and live in the society in closely knit families. The Arabs follow some of the long established customs with great enthusiasm and dedication.

Thus, it can be concluded from the above discussion that Chad Customs play an important role so far as Chad Lifestyle is concerned.

Cuisine of Chad

Chad is a land of diversity and this is also evident in Chad Cuisine. Different types of delightful recipes form the basis of Chadian Cuisine. Chad Cuisine includes variety of starters, cakes, salads, and refreshing drinks and of course heavenly appetizers and main courses.

Chadian Main Courses

Fish is one of the main foods for the Chadian and so different types of fish preparation are simply savored by the people of this country. In fact the fish industry is also one of the most developed industries of the country. Some of the popular Chadian Fish Recipes include Chilli Bream, Chad Spicy Tuna Sub, Broiled Fish and Garlic-Crusted Roughy with Goya Sauce. Ginger Chadha’s Tandoori Turkey with Spicy Gravy, Chaddy’s Hot Pepper Appetizers. Roasted Chicken and Chad Chicken are some of the other important Chad Main food.

Chadian Drinks and Salads

Refreshing drinks such as Karkanji and Jus de Fruit are very popular among the Chadian. The people of this country also like to have different types of salads. Some of the popular Chadian Salads are Chad Super Taco Salad.

Clothing in Chad

Chad is a land of ethnic diversity and as far as Chad Clothing is concerned, the pattern and styles changes from one ethnic group to another. The dressing style of the people of Chad is also dictated by the geographical location and the type of climate that they live in. Although every kind of modern and fashionable clothes are available in Chad, it is important to know about the ordinary dressing style of the people of this country. Dress worn by the people of the land characterizes Chad Clothing. Men are usually seen wearing light colored cotton long robes and cotton trousers. They cover their head with thick scarf and turban. The women of the country wear long and thick gowns, which cover every single part of their body. Boys wear simple cotton shirts and pants while the girls prefer wearing cotton wraparounds and shirts.

Sports in Chad

Sports in Chad are of great significance as the Chadians are great sports lovers. Although the people of Chad like to participate in different types of sports activities, there are certain sports which are of special importance.

Soccer in Chad

Soccer is very popular in Chad and the people simply love the performance of their national team. This game is a craze in the country and the soccer players enjoy great popularity among the youngsters and the sports lovers. Some of the most creditable soccer players of Chad are Nambatingue Tokomon, Abdoulay Karateka, and Ndoram Japhet.

Other Important Sports of Chad

Basketball is another popular Sport in Chad, and people love to participate in the game. Some of the other popular sports of Chad are listed below:-

  • Wrestling
  • Boxing
  • Martial Art
  • High Jump
  • Low Jump

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