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Mombassa, Chad

Mombassa is one of the most famous cities of Chad. During the Middle Ages Mombassa acquired its highest popularity as an African city.

Trade was considered to be the major activity of the residents of Mombassa and is assumed to be a cosmopolitan area with a Muslim population.

City of Mombassa has also contributed a lot in the field of African culture. Among them the most remarkable one is its effort to combine the culture of Africa with the Arab-Persian culture. This mixed culture is presently the representative basis of the linguistic unity of the residents of East Africa.

Mombassa-A City in Chad is said to have utter similarity with the Sahel cities and is assumed to be one of the most important port city as well as the pre-colonial city of Chad. Being the major port city, Mombassa occupies a significant place in the country. Its contribution towards is country is really unforgettable.