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Central African CFA franc, Currency of Chad

Chad money or the currency of Chad is known as Communaute Financiere Africaine Franc or the XAF. Chad is monetarily a member of the Central African Franc Zone and all currencies of Chad are issued by the Bank of Central African States.
The Chad currencies are available both in paper notes as well as in golden and silver color coins. The two-headed eagle, the face of a lion, alligators and a sailed ship are some of the many symbols that are inscribed on the Chad coins.

Chad has made considerable profits from the stable currency, but the devaluation in 1994 had little positive effects. In the following years the export business did nothing much and so even the inflation in Chad money failed to yield good results. It is a regular phenomenon for the Chad money to go through inflations and deflations. The price of goods decrease during the dry seasons while in the rainy season, the price hike is noticeable. Also, there is a tendency of monthly change in the price of goods. This is because the sellers of poultry and farm goods target the beginning of the month to make big profits when the employed citizens get their monthly salary.