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Chad Africa Map

by Vishal Kumar

The Map illustrates the surrounding countries with international borders, 22 regions with their capitals, and the national capital.

Chad Africa Map

Chad is a landlocked country located in north-central Africa. It covers a total area of 495,753 square miles. The estimated population of the country is 10,329,208.

As shown in the Chad Political Map, Chad is bordered on the north by Libya, on the south by the Central African Republic, on the east by the Republic of Sudan, on the southwest by Cameroon, and on the west by Nigeria and Niger.

The national capital of Chad, N’Djamena finds clear representation on the map. It is located in the southwestern part of the country.

Chad’s Political Map features the important cities, provinces and their capitals, and the international borders of the country.

Chad is divided into twenty-two regions that are further divided into sixty-one departments which are subdivided into two-hundred sub-prefectures; these are composed of 446 cantons.

The regions are: Batha, Chari-Baguirmi, Hadjer-Lamis, Wadi Fira, Bahr el Gazel, Borkou, Ennedi, Guera, Kanem, Lac, Logone Occidental, Logone Oriental, Mandoul, Mayo-Kebbi Est, Mayo-Kebbi Ouest, Moyen-Chari, Ouaddai, Salamat, Sila, Tandjile, Tibesti, and N’Djamena.

The major cities as shown in the political map of Chad are:

  • Abeche
  • Ade
  • Am Timan
  • Bokoro
  • Bongor
  • Doba
  • Fianga
  • Gaoui
  • Linia
  • Mao
  • Pala
  • Zouar
  • Oum Hadjer

Chad is the Presidential Republic. The President is both head of state and head of government. Mahamat Deby is the current President of the nation.

The position of the Prime Minister is held by Albert Pahimi Padacké

Over eighty percent of the population of the country depends on farming and livestock for their livelihood. Cotton, sorghum, millet, peanuts, rice, potatoes, and tapioca are the major agricultural products. The chief industries of Chad include oil, cotton textiles, meatpacking, beer brewing, soap, cigarettes, and construction materials.

The major trading partners of Chad are the United States, China, Portugal, France, Cameroon, Germany, and Belgium.

Regions of Chad

Region Population: 2009-06-20 Capital
Barh el Ghazel 260,865 Moussoro
Batha 527,031 Ati
Borkou 97,251 Faya-Largeau
Chari-Baguirmi 621,785 Massenya
Ennedi 173,606 Fada
Guera 553,795 Mongo
Hadjer-Lamis 562,957 Massakory
Kanem 354,603 Mao
Lac 451,369 Bol
Logone Occidental 683,293 Moundou
Logone Oriental 796,453 Doba
Mandoul 637,086 Koumra
Mayo-Kebbi Est 769,178 Bongor
Mayo-Kebbi Ouest 565,087 Pala
Moyen-Chari 598,284 Sarh
Ouaddai 731,679 Abeche
Salamat 308,605 Am-Timan
Sila 289,776 Goz Beida
Tandjile 682,817 Lai
Tibesti 21,970 Bardai
Ville de N’Djamena 993,492 N’Djamena
Wadi Fira 494,933 Biltine
Total 11,175,915

Note : – Population : 2009-06-20 census (provisional results).

Prefecture Population Area (km.²) Capital
Batha 288,458 88,800 Ati
Biltine 184,807 46,850 Biltine
Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti 73,185 600,350 Faya-Largeau
Chari-Baguirmi 1,251,906 82,910 N’Djamena
Guera 306,253 58,950 Mongo
Kanem 279,927 114,520 Mao
Lac 252,932 22,320 Bol
Logone Occidental 455,489 8,695 Moundou
Logone Oriental 441,064 28,035 Doba
Mayo-Kebbi 825,158 30,105 Bongor
Moyen-Chari 738,595 45,180 Sarh
Ouaddai 543,900 76,240 Abeche
Salamat 184,403 63,000 Am Timan
Tandjile 453,854 18,045 Lai
14 prefectures

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