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Makilala, Chad

Makilala is one of the most populated cities in Lac, a region of Chad. It is situated on latitude 13.3500 and longitude 14.9167. The altitude of Makilala is approximately 961 feet. On the other hand, the time zone of the City of Makilala is UTC+1.

Some of the cities and towns that are closely situated nearby this place include Tchibourou, Melia, Koudouboul, Tipsi, Ngoiga and Madigil. Make sure to visit these places while traveling through Makilala.

Since a long time Makilala- a city in Chad has been entertaining a number of tourists across the globe. While taking a trip across this city no one has to face any difficulty since there are many hotels in Makilala offering good lodging facilities.

By taking a flight one can very easily get into the territory of Makilala. Makilala is a place of perfect beauty and is loaded with tourist facilities. This is probably the reason behind its increasing popularity as a tourist destination in Chad.