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Chadian Consulate

Chad Consulate is an official representation of the Government of Chad. It protects and assists the people of the country. Consulate in Chad as a representative of its own country facilitates friendship and trade between other countries.

The office of the consul in Chad is referred to as Consulate. The Chad consul acts as a subordinate to the main representation of the state in that foreign country. Consulate of Chad is a part of the Embassy of Chad. Chad Consulate provides all the necessary information on visas for nationals of different countries visiting the country.

The main functions of Chad Consulate are:
  • safeguarding the citizen's interest
  • issuing passport
  • issuing visas to the foreigners visiting the country
  • building international relations
  • promoting trade

Chad Consulates are located in different parts of the world like:
  • Consulate of Chad in Vienna, Austria
  • consulate of Chad in Ottawa, Canada

Chad Consulate works to safeguard the interest of citizens in Chad.