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Poorest Countries in the World

The top ten poorest countries map has been prepared on the basis of the GDP of a country. A country with a GDP per capita of $765 dollars or less is defined as a low-income or poor country.

World Top Ten Poorest Countries Map Niger Central African Republic Democratic Republic of Congo Burundi Malawi Eritrea Zimbabwe Liberia Madagascar Map Afghanistan Map
Description : Map shows top ten poorest countries in the World. Disclaimer

Top 10 Poorest Countries of the World (2015) Based on their GDP Per Capita
RankCountryCurrencyGDP Per Capita (2015)
1Democratic Republic of the CongoCongolese Franc$348.00
2ZimbabweZimbabwean dollar$456.00
3LiberiaLiberian Dollar$487.00
4NigeriaNigerian naira$600.00
5BurundiBurundian franc$615.00
6Central African RepublicCentral African CFA franc$768.00
7EritreaEritrean nakfa$777.00
8Sierra LeoneSierra Leonean Leone$849.00
10TogoWest African CFA franc$826.00

The Poorest Countries in the World Images

democratic-republic-of-the-congo-poorest-country As the eleventh largest country in the world, Democratic Republic of the Congo lacks infrastructure, political stability, honest officials etc. It’s natural development have been ruined due to misuse of resources.
zimbabwe-poorest-countryZimbabwe is globally recognized for its rural poverty. Political and economic rises have been quoted as the reasons behind the rising poverty and social decline.
liberia-poorest-countryIn the process of recovering from the aftereffects of the 14-year civil war that ended in 2003, Liberia has 80 per cent of its residents surviving on less than 1.25 USD on a per day basis.
nigeria-poorest-country Since 10 years, poverty has been a problem for more than 50% of the population. In 1980, a little less than 30% of Nigerians were actually living below the poverty line.
burundi-poorest-countryWith a history of violence and troubles, Burundi has seven out of ten Burundians living below the line of poverty. It also ranks in 167th place among 177 countries on the 2007 UN Human Development Index.
central-african-republic-poorest-countryAmidst the availability of natural resources like uranium, minerals, crude oil and gold/diamonds, Central African Republic accounts for the poorest country due to low economic growth and little human development.
eritrea-poorest-countryWith 60% of its economy dependent on subsistence agriculture, Eritrea has about 60 per cent of its population deriving income and food from agricultural activities.
sierra-leone-poorest-countryHigh population growth and an entire decade of civil war that ended in 2002 has made Sierra Leone one of the poorest countries in the world.
malawi-poorest-countryMalawi ranks 160th out of 182 countries on the Human Development Index. It has 74 per cent of its population living below the income poverty line of US$1.25 a day.
togo-poorest-country After suffering through a socio-political crisis during 1990s, Togo witnessed economic regression and a downfall in public and international aid. 62 per cent of its population is living below the poverty line.

About Top Ten Poorest Countries in the World

Countries of the world do not have a uniform economy. With variations reaching to extreme ends, countries economic conditions can be mapped on the basis of their GDP per capita.

GDP is the value of all final goods and services produced within a country in a given year. A country with a GDP per capita of $765 dollars or less is defined as a low-income or poor country. And it is on the basis of this GDP, that the top ten poorest countries map has been prepared. Industrialization, overpopulation, investment, infrastructure, geography, resources, colonialism, education, government and debt are few of the most critical aspects that make poorest countries retain their poverty.

Top 10 Poorest Countries video

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