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Japan Cities Map Tokyo City Yokohama City Nagoya City Kagoshima City Sendai City Kobe City Kitakyushu City Kyoto City Osaka City CHINA RUSSIA NORTH KOREA SOUTH KOREA SOUTH KOREA RUSSIA RUSSIA
Description : Japan cities map showing Japan major cities, towns, country capital and country boundary. Disclaimer

A severe earthquake on Friday, March 11, 2011 caused much loss of life and property in Japan. The tsunami waves that resulted from it wiped the coasts of almost all infrastructure and buildings.

The worst affected areas were:
  • Sendai
  • Natori City
  • Kesennuma
  • Iwanuma
  • Iwaki City
  • Chiba Prefecture
  • Ichihara City
  • Tokyo
  • Fukushima Prefecture
  • Asahikawa city
  • Oarai City
  • Mito City

Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, is made up of a number of cities.

Japanese cities fall under the 47 prefectures that exist in the governance of Japan. The major island such as Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku share amongst them the major Japanese cities. Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Takayama, Yokohama, and Kyoto, are some of the well-known cities in Japan.

All the Japan Cities fall into separate administrative divisions. Some of the administrative divisions in Japan are Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, Aichi, Hyogo, Hokkaido, Fukouka, Kumamoto, Okayama, Chiba, and Shizouka.

The cities of Hiroshima, Fukouka, and Kitakyushu are located on the western coast of Japan. Tokyo, Saitama, Kawasaki, and Yokohama are all on the eastern coast. Sapporo lies in extreme north.

Location Maps of Cities in Japan
Where is AbashiriWhere is IchikawaWhere is MatsuyamaWhere is Sakura
Where is AgeoWhere is IchinomiyaWhere is MitakaWhere is Sapporo
Where is Aizu-wakamatsuWhere is ImabariWhere is MitoWhere is Sasebo
Where is AkashiWhere is IsesakiWhere is MiyakoWhere is Sayama
Where is AkitaWhere is IshinomakiWhere is MiyakonojoWhere is Sendai
Where is AmagasakiWhere is ItamiWhere is MiyazakiWhere is Shimonoseki
Where is AnanWhere is IwakiWhere is MiyoshiWhere is Shizuoka
Where is AnjoWhere is IwamizawaWhere is MoriokaWhere is Soka
Where is AomoriWhere is IwataWhere is MuroranWhere is Suita
Where is AsahikawaWhere is IzumiWhere is NaganoWhere is Sukumo
Where is AshikagaWhere is JoetsuWhere is NagaokaWhere is Suzuka
Where is AtsugiWhere is KagoshimaWhere is NagareyamaWhere is Tachikawa
Where is ChibaWhere is KakogawaWhere is NagasakiWhere is Takahashi
Where is ChigasakiWhere is KamaishiWhere is NagoyaWhere is Takamatsu
Where is ChofuWhere is KamakuraWhere is NahaWhere is Takaoka
Where is EbetsuWhere is KamiWhere is NakatsugawaWhere is Takarazuka
Where is EbinoWhere is KanazawaWhere is NaraWhere is Takasaki
Where is FuchuWhere is KashiwaWhere is NarashinoWhere is Takatsuki
Where is FujiWhere is KasugaiWhere is NayoroWhere is Takikawa
Where is FujisawaWhere is KasukabeWhere is NemuroWhere is Tama
Where is FukuchiyamaWhere is KawagoeWhere is NeyagawaWhere is Tokorozawa
Where is FukuiWhere is KawaguchiWhere is NiigataWhere is Tokushima
Where is FukuokaWhere is KawanishiWhere is NiihamaWhere is Tomakomai
Where is FukushimaWhere is KawasakiWhere is NiizaWhere is Tottori
Where is FukuyamaWhere is KishiwadaWhere is NishinomiyaWhere is Toyama
Where is FunabashiWhere is KitakamiWhere is NishitokyoWhere is Toyohashi
Where is GifuWhere is KitakyushuWhere is NobeokaWhere is Toyokawa
Where is HachinoheWhere is KitamiWhere is NoboribetsuWhere is Toyonaka
Where is HachiojiWhere is KobeWhere is NodaWhere is Toyota
Where is HadanoWhere is KochiWhere is NoshiroWhere is Tsu
Where is HagiWhere is KodairaWhere is NumazuWhere is Tsukuba
Where is HakodateWhere is KofuWhere is ObihiroWhere is Tsuruoka
Where is HamadaWhere is KoriyamaWhere is OdateWhere is Tsuyama
Where is HamamatsuWhere is KoshigayaWhere is OdawaraWhere is Ube
Where is HigashihiroshimaWhere is KukiWhere is OgakiWhere is Ueda
Where is HigashimurayamaWhere is KumagayaWhere is OitaWhere is Uji
Where is HigashiosakaWhere is KumamotoWhere is OkayamaWhere is Urayasu
Where is HimejiWhere is KurashikiWhere is OkazakiWhere is Utsunomiya
Where is HinoWhere is KureWhere is OsakaWhere is Wakayama
Where is HirakataWhere is KurumeWhere is OtaWhere is Wakkanai
Where is HiratsukaWhere is KushiroWhere is OtaruWhere is Yachiyo
Where is HirosakiWhere is KyotoWhere is OtsuWhere is Yamagata
Where is HiroshimaWhere is MachidaWhere is OyamaWhere is Yamaguchi
Where is HitaWhere is MaebashiWhere is RumoiWhere is Yamato
Where is HitachiWhere is MaizuruWhere is SagaWhere is Yao
Where is HitachinakaWhere is MatsudoWhere is SagamiharaWhere is Yatsushiro
Where is HitoyoshiWhere is MatsueWhere is SaitamaWhere is Yokkaichi
Where is IbarakiWhere is MatsumotoWhere is SakaiWhere is Yokohama
Where is IchiharaWhere is MatsusakaWhere is SakataWhere is Yokosuka

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