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Sagamihara Map

by Vishal Kumar

This Sagamihara Map is the map and satellite view of Japan’s Sagamihara city in Kanagawa Prefecture. Sangamihara is the 19th city designated by government ordinance.

The city of Sagamihara is located on a plateau on the Honshu island of Japan. Sagamihara is based in Kanagawa prefecture in close proximity to Tokyo. The growth of this Japanese city started in the 1930s when the Japanese army settled their base there.
Since ancient times the city of Sagamihara was renowned for sericulture and after 1995 the city witnessed considerable growth in industrial products and the food industry. Sagamihara which is an important suburb of Tokyo got its official status of a city in 1954. The main reason behind the growth of the city of Sagamihara is its closeness to the capital of Japan. This city is experiencing constant expansion with the inclusion of new towns and cities within the borders of Sagamihara very often.

The main festival of Sagamihara city is Sagami which is a Giant Kite festival celebrated since the Edo period.

The festival has in recent years gained worldwide fame as some of the largest kites in the world are flown in this festival.  The Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science’ and the Museum Dome Theater are the two places of significance in Sagamihara. The Sagamihara Campus which is also open for visitors is an exciting research laboratory dedicated to investigating the mysteries of Space.

Many famous companies call Sagamihara their home including multi-national companies like Mitsubishi. Most of the citizens are employed in the electrical appliances industry and machinery producing companies. The city is well connected with the rest of Japan by a number of railway lines.

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