Japanese Education

From the ancient times education and study in Japan have had an immense importance in the Japanese Society. The array of schools in Japan includes Private schools, Public schools and private schools that are not affiliated by 'MEXT' of Japan. In the mid of nineteenth
century the prime aspiration of Japanese Education was to attain the educational standards of west. To achieve this target the Education or Study method in Japan was mainly designed on French and German Educational System.

In Japan 'Compulsory Education' integrates several basic school and high schools. More than 85% among all students receives graduate degree from high schools while about 39% students acquire degrees from junior colleges or university. This array of schools and universities makes the Study in Japan extremely privileged as well as updated.

Commonly in the Japanese schools the academic session commences from the month of April and comprises of three terms. Along with one month of vacation the terms are divided by small seasonal recess in winter and spring seasons.

The most distinctive trait of the Japanese Educational system is the entrance test. To pass the entrance tests and get admission to the best educational institutes, numerous learners and applicants go to particular training schools or 'juku'.

Last Updated on: December 7th, 2017