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Restaurants in Japan

by Vishal Kumar

In Japan, there are several types of restaurants available and some restaurants also specialize in tossing up mouth-watering international cuisines.

In Japan, there are several types of restaurants available. Japanese restaurants not only prepare Japanese and Chinese food but some Japanese restaurants also specialize in tossing up some mouth-watering international cuisines. Separate names have been given to the group of restaurants that serve separate types of Japanese cuisines.

There are certain types of Japanese dishes that are prepared in some Japanese restaurants in Japan. They are known by distinctive names. Some of these are:-

  • Ramen-ya: This type of restaurant is specialized in serving different types of mouthwatering Chinese noodles. Noodles are served with many different types of soups and these soup preparations are the main distinctive traits of this group of restaurants.
  • Okonomiyaki-ya: This group of restaurants is special as they usually provide a hot plate on which the customers make their own okonomiyaki.
  • Kaiten-zushi: These types of restaurants are very popular in Japan. Here different types of Sushi are available. The specialty of these restaurants is that they offer the Sushi on several plates kept on a moving belt from which the customers have to pick up their chosen Sushi preparation.

Some other Japanese restaurants that serve special Japanese dishes are, Kare-ya, Yakitori-ya, Tempura-ya, and many others. There are some general types of restaurants in Japan also that serve both Japanese and other continental dishes. Some of these are:-

  • Izakaya: This is one type of Japanese restaurant that is widely popular among Japanese people. This type of restaurant is generally a drinking bar where several types of side dishes are available along with the drink.
  • Teishoku-ya: This is another type of restaurant in Japan that has predetermined menus consisting of a main course like rice or any fried item along with side dishes. These are especially popular among business or office people for having launch.

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