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Hannover Map

Hannover, the capital of the Federal State of Lower Saxony is one of Germany's ten largest cities.

Hannover Map, Germany

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Description : Map showing airport, highway roads, rivers, tourist places of Hannover City in Germany. Disclaimer

The city enjoys the status of being a major international trade fair location. It is believed that the city was found in medieval times at an elevated terrace above the river Leine. Infact, the word Honovere means "high bank".

The main airport that serves the city of Hannover is the Hanover/Langenhagen International Airport (HAJ). The airport is situated 11 km north of downtown Hanover and is the eighth largest airport in Germany. The airport is open 24 hours a day. There are very few flights between 11 pm and 4 am.

Hannover is packed with many fine buildings and museums where the tourists can spend some quality time and at the same time acquire knowledge about the culture of the city. The Sovereign Residence of Herrenhausen Museum and Lower Saxony State Museum are museums you can visit. One of Hannover's greatest attractions is the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen.

Georgengarten, Berggarten and Grosser Garten - are few gardens where you can drop in for spending some time in tranquility. Hannover Zoo with its farm animals is another place of attraction. The Hanover Fair and CEBIT held at the city's new conference center are two important fairs. Hildesheim is famous for its UNESCO-Cultural Heritage Cathedrals. The Pelizaus Museum here has an important section on ancient Egypt's history. Neues Rathaus, the new town hall and Maschsee Lake are other attractions of the city. For a cultural night out you can visit the Nieder Sachsische Stadtstheater. The Basil restaurant is one of the best restaurants, where you can enjoy the modern cuisine. Marktkirche (a 14th century church), Kreuzkirche (Church of the Holy Cross), Leineschloss (Castle on the river Leine) and Christuskirche (Christ Church) are other places of attraction. You can also visit Hamelin, a town famous for the folktale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

The FIFA 2006 Soccer World Cup is round the corner and the city is ready to entertain visiting fans with its reconstructed Hannover FIFA World Cup Stadium. The stadium has a gross capacity of 44,652. It was reconstructed with special features like roof-mounted lighting system.

There are numerous hotels offering quality service where you can check in during your stay in Hannover. Kastens Hotel Luisenhof located near the Hauptbahnhof in the center of the city is one of the best hotels in Hannover. You can stay in Hotel Amadeus for an unforgettable experience. Fora Hannover is located near the city center and offers excellent facilities. Konigshof am Funkturm is a family-run business hotel. An interesting feature of the hotel is its art exhibitions. If you are looking for a hotel near the airport, the Airport Congress Hotel will be appropriate for you. Park Inn Hannover is ideal for both business and holiday travelers as it is conveniently located near the motorways (A2, A7, A37). The Copthorne Hotel Hannover is another hotel offering the highest standards of service.

  • A2/Bad Nenndorf
  • A7/Hamburg Bremen
  • Aegi Rathaus
  • Airport Hannover Langenhagen
  • Altwarmbuchen
  • Anderten
  • Anderten
  • Badenstedt
  • Bothfelf
  • Braunschweig Berlin
  • Buckeburger Allee
  • Burgdorf
  • Dohren
  • Dortmund Koln
  • Dreieck H West
  • Dreieck H-Sud
  • Einbeck Gottingen
  • Elileniede
  • Engelbostel
  • Erlebris Zoo Hannover
  • Frankfurt Am Main
  • Garbsen
  • Gttinger Landstr.
  • Hain-Holz
  • Hamburg Bremen
  • Hameln
  • Herren-Hausen
  • Herrenhausen
  • Herrenhauser Garten
  • Hildeseim Kassel
  • Hildesheim
  • Isernhagen
  • Kirchrode
  • Kirchrode
  • Kreuz H-Ost
  • Krons Berg
  • Laatzen
  • Lahe
  • Langenhagen
  • Leine
  • Limmer
  • Linden
  • Minden
  • Misburg
  • Mitte
  • Nienburg
  • Nord-Stadt Universitat
  • Ober-Ricklingen
  • Ost-Stadt
  • Peine
  • Peine Braunschweig
  • Pferdeturm
  • Seel-Horster Kreuz
  • Sleeze
  • Stocken
  • Sud-Stadt
  • Tiergarten
  • Vahrenheide
  • Vinnhorst
  • Weidetor
  • Wunstorf

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