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Political Map of Argentina

Political Map of Argentina BOLIVIA CHILE PARAGUAY BRAZIL URUGUAY Falkland Islands ( U.K. ) Buenos Aires City Jujuy Salta Formosa Chaco Tucuman Santiago Del Estero Catamarca La Rioja San Juan San Luis Mendoza Cordoba La Pampa Neuquen Rio Negro Chubut Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Tierra Del Fuego Buenos Aires Santa Fe Entre Rios Corrientes Missiones
Description : Political map of Argentina showing the international boundary, provinces boundaries with national capital. Disclaimer

Argentina is a country located in South America. It is the second largest country in South America covering an area 1,068,302 square miles; the estimated population of the country is 40,117,096.

As shown in the Argentina Political Map, the country shares its borders with Paraguay and Bolivia to the north, Brazil and Uruguay to the north-east, and Chile to the west and south. The national capital, Buenos Aires is shown in the map with a red square. Buenos Aires is located on the western shore of Rio de la Plata.

Argentina political map also highlights the location of various provinces, their capital, and neighboring countries of Argentina. The map clearly depicts the national and the international boundaries of Argentina. Surrounding oceans, rivers, seas, bays, and canals such as the Pacific Ocean, South Atlantic, Strait of Magellan can also be found in the map of Argentina.

The major provinces of Argentina are: Catamarca, Chaco, Chubut, Cordoba, Formosa, La Pampa, Jujuy, Santa Fe, Santa Cruz, Santiago del Estero, and Mendoza.

Argentina is a federal representative democratic republic. Executive power is vested in the President and the Cabinet, while the legislative power is vested in the National Congress. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is the current President of Argentina. Julio Cobos is the Vice President of the nation.

Argentina's economy is the third-largest economy in Latin America. In 2011, its GDP per capita income(nominal) in 2011 was $9,583. Food processing, motor vehicles and auto parts, appliances and electronics, chemicals and petrochemicals, steel, aluminum, machinery, textiles, beverages, and printing are the major industries. Major trade flows are with United States, Brazil, China, Germany, and Chile.

Argentina Provinces and Capitals
Buenos Aires13,827,203307,571118,754La Plata
Catamarca334,568102,60239,615(San Fernando del Valle de) Catamarca
Ciudad de Buenos Aires2,776,13820378Buenos Aires
Entre Rios1,158,14778,78130,418Parana
Jujuy611,88853,21920,548(San Salvador de) Jujuy
La Pampa299,294143,44055,382Santa Rosa
La Rioja289,98389,68034,626La Rioja
Rio Negro552,822203,01378,384Viedma
San Juan620,02389,65134,614San Juan
San Luis367,93376,74829,633San Luis
Santa Cruz196,958243,94394,187Rio Gallegos
Santa Fe3,000,701133,00751,354Santa Fe
Santiago del Estero804,457136,35152,645Santiago del Estero
Tierra del Fuego101,07921,5718,329Ushuaia
Tucuman1,338,52322,5248,697(San Miguel de) Tucuman
Note:   Population: 2001-11-18 census.

Last Updated On : October 10, 2012

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