Argentina Cruises

Argentina Cruise takes you to a dream state when traveling over South Pacific Ocean and South Atlantic Ocean through the luxury cruises.

The 5 star amenities are provided to the boarders where you can enjoy a fortnight stay with exquisite views around Argentina. Argentina Cruise supply is big in number departing mostly from Buenos Aires.

You can book your tickets to Argentina Cruise on line or by directly approaching the cruise agencies. The Argentina Cruise mostly start their tour in November December when the climate in Argentina is moderate.

Following are the list of few Argentina Cruise with their traversing points:
  • Silversea Cruises, Silver Wind
    16 Nights & 16 Days
    Departing from Buenos Aires with stops in Punta del Este, Montevideo, Port Stanley, Puerto Madryn, Punta Arenas, Magdalene Fjord, Chilean Fjords, Puerto Chacabuco, Laguna San Rafael, Puerto Montt, Santiago
    Journey starts: 5/12/07

  • Discovery World Cruises, MV Discovery
    15 Nights & 15 Days
    Starting from Buenos Aires with stops in West Point, Cruise Atlantic Ocean, Cruise Drake Passage, Port Stanley, Grytviken, Gold Harbour, Elsehul, Cruise Scotia Sea, Cape Lookout, Coronation Island, Cruise Cape Horn, South Shetland Islands, Cruise Cape Horn, Ushuaia
    Journey starts: 26/11/07

  • MSC Italian Cruises, MSC Sinfonia (Sail through Argentina and Brazil)
    8 Nights & 7 Days
    Departing from Buenos Aires with stops in Ilhabela, Punta del Este, Rio de Janeiro, Buzios,
    Journey commences: 9/12/07, 24/01/08, 19/02/08

  • Celebrity Cruises, Infinity
    13 Nights &13 Days
    Starting from Buenos Aires with stops in Puerto Madryn, Montevideo, Cape Horn, Punta Arenas, Ushuaia, Strait of Magellan, Puerto Montt, Chilean Fjords, Valparaiso
    Journey starts: 9/12/07
Last Updated on: May 12, 2017