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World Map / World War I / First Battle of Aisne - 1914

First Battle of Aisne - 1914

September 13 – September 28, 1914

Banks of the Aisne River, France – Western Front

Allies – France
Allies – Britain
Central Powers - Germany

The German First Army under the command of General Alexander von Kluck,
and the German Second Army led by General Karl Von Bülow retreated following the defeat at the First Battle of the Marne. The two regrouped at the banks of the Aisne River. The Allied forces then launched their follow-up offensive on September 13, 1914. Strategically better placed, the Germans faced the pursuing Allied troops. The BEF and the French Fifth Army crossed the Aisne, but stiff resistance from the German Army foiled any chances of a decisive victory. While the stationary troops engaged in warfare, the mobile troops on both sides attempted to outflank the other. The consequent Race to the Sea led to many more battles, culminating in the Battle of the Yser. By this time the trench line was firmly drawn and remained fairly stable for the rest of the war.

The most important outcome of the Battle of the Aisne was the commencement of the Race to The Sea. Both the Allied and Central troops tried to outflank the other to the north, while stationary troops dug trenches and fortified themselves in an attempt to defend their positions. By the end of the Race to the Sea, the trench line extended from the North Sea to the French-Swiss border running 475 miles. Very little mobility was achieved along the Western Front and huge losses were incurred by both sides.

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