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Battles of Gaza - 1917

Gaza, located in south Palestine, was the Ottoman Empire’s defense stronghold.
The Allied Powers waged three battles in Gaza in 1917. The importance of Gaza lay in its strategic position on the coast of Palestine. An occupation of Gaza would open the Mediterranean to the British navy. While the First and Second Battles of Gaza ended in a clear victory for the Ottoman Empire, the Third Battle of Gaza was an Allied victory.

First Battle of Gaza:
When: March 26, 1917

The British Egyptian Expeditionary Force made a two-pronged attack on Gaza. While the infantry invaded from the south, the mounted troops attacked from the north of the city. The mounted troops met with success, but the infantry divisions found the Ottoman defense impenetrable. Lieutenant-General Dobell, the officer in command of the British troops, recalled the troops from the north and the battle ended in a victory for the Turkish army.

Second Battle of Gaza:
When: April 17, 1917

The Second Battle of Gaza in April 1917 was an attack planned by Lieutenant General Dobell, who was disappointed with the defeat of the First Battle of Gaza. The British Egyptian Expeditionary Force used tanks and gas shells to attack the Ottoman troops. The Turkish troops had, however, received reinforcements since the initial attack and were better prepared. This attack also ended in a failure for the British troops.

Third Battle of Gaza:
When: October 31 – November 7, 1917

The third and final attack of the British Egyptian Expeditionary Force commenced with an attack on Beersheba to the far left of Gaza. The Turks had expected a frontal attack as in the previous battle, and the fall of Beersheba left Gaza exposed. The Ottoman army fell to a two-pronged attack of the allies, and Gaza was captured on November 7, 1917.

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