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Battles of Isonzo

Isonzo River, Italian Front

Between 1915 and 1917, Austria-Hungary and Italy fought twelve battles along the Isonzo River, also known as the So?a River in Slovenia.
These battles were fought in modern-day Slovenia and Italy.

The Isonzo River ran parallel to the Italian border with Austria-Hungary. The natural highland gave the Austro-Hungarians a natural advantage. General Luigi Cadorna, the Italian commander, and his troops made five unsuccessful attempts to cross the Isonzo and scale the mountainous banks in their campaign against the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

These early battles of the Isonzo yielded very little success and proved costly to Italy. The Sixth Battle of the Isonzo was launched by General Cadorna on August 6, 1916, and seemed to award the Italians a breakthrough in Gorizia. With this victory, the Italian troops were successful in crossing the Isonzo and finding a foothold in Austria-Hungary.

The victory of Gorizia allowed the Italians to launch intense attacks, and the next four battles of the Isonzo saw fewer losses for the Italian camp. The Italians, however, were unable to capitalize on the victory of the sixth battle and did not succeed in gaining much territory. The Eleventh Battle of the Isonzo was dramatically different from the previous Italian operations. The Austro-Hungarian troops were pushed back. The Twelfth Battle of the Isonzo, also known as the Battle of Caporetto was a joint operation of Austria-Hungary and Germany. The Central troops launched a surprise offensive and swept across enemy lines. By October 10, the Italians had conceded defeat and retreated to the Piave River. The Battles of the Isonzo cost Italy over 300,000 casualties.

First Battle of IsonzoJune 23 - July 7, 1915
Second Battle of IsonzoJuly 18 - August 3, 1915
Third Battle of IsonzoOctober 18 - November 3, 1915
Fourth Battle of IsonzoNovember 10 - December 2, 1915
Fifth Battle of IsonzoMarch 9 - March 17, 1916
Sixth Battle of IsonzoAugust 6 - August 17, 1916
  Seventh Battle of Isonzo   September 14 - September 17, 1916
Eighth Battle of IsonzoOctober 10 - October 12, 1916
Ninth Battle of IsonzoNovember 1 - November 4, 1916
Tenth Battle of IsonzoMay 12 - June 8, 1917
Eleventh Battle of IsonzoAugust 19 - September 12, 1917
Twelfth Battle of IsonzoOctober 24 – November 12, 1917

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