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First Battle of Arras - 1914

Arras, France – Western Front

Allies – France
Allies – Britain
Central Powers - Germany

The First Battle of Arras shortly followed the First Battle of Albert in an Allied attempt to outflank the Germans in the Race to the Sea. The French Army took the northwest route to gain ground and enter enemy territory. The German Sixth Army under the command of Crown Prince Rupprecht was moving along the Arras–Lens line and faced an attack from the French Tenth Army commanded by General Louis Maud’huy. The Germans counterattacked at Douai where the German Sixth Army was reinforced by the German First and Seventh Armies. The French withdrew and held on to Arras while they lost Lens to the Central troops. The battle ended on October 4, 1914, with the Germans moving farther north. This further led to the First Battle of Ypres and the Battle of the Yser.

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