Airports in Virginia

There are 66 public airports in Virginia, which comprise both international and regional airports. Washington Dulles International Airport, Norfolk International, Reagan Washington National, Richmond International, and Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport are the international airports.

Airports in Virginia

There are five major airports in Virginia: Washington Dulles International Airport, Reagan Washington National, Norfolk International, Richmond International, and Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport. Besides, there are many domestic Virginia airports.

All the Virginia airports facilitate excellent connectivity to all the major cities in USA and abroad. In total, 66 public airports fulfill the aviation requirements of the state. There are also many private airports in VA since there are avid fliers in the state.

About Airports in Virginia

Washington Dulles International Airport
The Washington Dulles International Airport serves more than 23 million passengers every year. It is situated in the city of Dulles. Washington Dulles serves the Washington-Baltimore-Northern Virginia metropolitan region, focusing on the District of Columbia. It is the biggest airport in the Washington metropolitan region and one of the busiest in the country. The airport has one main terminal and two midfield terminals.

Norfolk International Airport
Norfolk International Airport serves the Hampton Roads area. The airport is located in the city of Norfolk. It is a public airport, which is run by the Norfolk Airport Authority. This international airport is the third busiest airport in the state. Some of the major airlines using this airport are US Airways, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines.

Reagan Washington National Airport
Reagan Washington National Airport is also known as Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. It is situated in Arlington County. It serves as the closest commercial airport to Washington DC It is a focus city for US Airways. Near-hourly shuttle services are available from both Delta Airlines and US Airways. There are three big terminals in the airport.

Richmond International Airport
The Richmond International Airport is situated in Sandston, Virginia. It is the busiest airport in central Virginia. It lies about seven miles southeast of Richmond, the capital of the state. Nearly three million passengers use the airport annually. This airport offers a host of facilities and services, which include eateries, news and gifts shop, banking facilities, ATMs and free wireless Internet connection. There is also a business center with teleconferencing facilities. The airlines that serve this airport are AirTran, Delta, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Northwest Airlines, American Airlines, and US Airways.

Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport
Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport is situated in Newport News. It serves the entire Hampton Roads metropolitan area together with Norfolk International. Newport News Airport is supervised by the Peninsula Airport Commission. The airport's principal airline operator is AirTran Airways. Frontier Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and US Airways also serve the airport.

Roanoke Regional Airport
Roanoke Regional Airport in Roanoke is another important airport in Virginia. The airport is operated by the Roanoke Regional Airport Commission. Facilities and services offered by this airport include restaurants, snack bars, vending machines, soda machines, shoeshine shops, ATMs, elevators and escalators, change machine and TDD and TTY phones for people with disabilities. The airlines that serve this airport are Allegiant Airlines, US Airways, and Delta Airlines.

Other major airports in Virginia include the following:
  • Lynchburg Regional Airport
  • Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport
  • Stafford Regional Airport
  • Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport

List of Airports in Virginia
Airport NameAirport CodeCityCoordinates
Charlottesville-Albemarle AirportCHOCharlottesville38°08′19″N 078°27′10″W
Lynchburg Regional Airport LYHLynchburg37°19′31″N 079°12′04″W
Newport News/Williamsburg International AirportPHFVirginia Peninsula37°07′55″N 76°29′35″W
Norfolk International AirportORFNorfolk36°53′41″N 076°12′04″W
Richmond International AirportRICRichmond37°30′18″N 077°19′10″W
Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional AirportROARoanoke37°19′32″N 079°58′32″W
Shenandoah Valley Regional AirportSHDStaunton, Waynesboro, Harrisonburg38°15′50″N 078°53′47″W
Ronald Reagan Washington National AirportDCAWashington, D.C. / Arlington County38°51′08″N 077°02′16″W
Washington Dulles International AirportIADWashington, D.C. / Chantilly / Dulles38°56′40″N 077°27′21″W
Allen C. Perkinson Airport BKTBlackstone37°04′26″N 077°57′09″W
New London Airport--Forest37.271944, -79.335833
Falwell Airport --Lynchburg 37°22′40.51″N 79°7′20.08″W
Smith Mountain Lake Airport --Moneta 37°08′14.44″N 80°40′42.53″W
New Market Airport --New Market 38°39′20″N 078°42′29″W
Hummel Field--Saluda 37°36′09″N 076°26′48″W
Eagle's Nest Airport--Waynesboro38.076944, -78.944167
Campbell Field Airport--Weirwood37°27′30″N 075°52′44″W

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