Places in Vermont

Vermont is home to many beautiful and unique places. The Fort Drummer State Park, Crystal Beach, Silver Lake, and the Burton Island State Park are the major attractions.

Location Map of Places to visit in Vermont

The major places to visit in Vermont are:

Fort Drummer State Park: Located outside the forest of Brattleboro, the Fort Drummer State Park is a part of the Vermont State Park system. The major attraction of the park is Fort Dummer.

Fort Dummer was built in 1724 and was the first permanent European settlement in the state. It is a beautiful forest area with a variety of tree species like the chestnut oaks, beech, maple, yellow birch, and white birch.

Old Stone House Museum: Formerly known as Athenian Hall, the Old Stone House Museum is a museum located in Brownington, Vermont. The Athenian Hall is a student dormitory built by the Rev. Alexander Twilight, the first African-American college graduate in the United States. The museum is a part of the Brownington Village Historic District and is administered by the Orleans County Historical Society. In 1973, the place was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Rock of Ages Granite Quarry: Located in Graniteville, Vermont, the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry is the largest "deep hole" granite quarry in the world. It is a 600-feet deep granite quarry that has been actively mined for more than 125 years. The quarry is among some of the oldest types of rock on earth. The major attraction in the quarry is that one can actually watch artisans cut and polish the granite stones.

State ParksBurton Island State Park, Emerald Lake State Park, Fort Drummer State Park, Mt. Philo State Park, Silver Lake State Park
BeachesCrystal Lake Beach, Boulder Beach, Prouty Beach, Balm of Gilead Beach, Silver Lake
MuseumsBennington Museum, Shelburne Museum, Vermont Museum, American Precision Museum, Cornish Colony Museum
Historical LandmarksMount Independence, Socialist Labor Party Hall, Emma Willard House, Vermont State House, Stellafane Observatory
Other PlacesLincoln Peak Vineyard, Wilson Castle, St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, Great Vermont Corn Maze, Killington Adventure Center

Wilson Castle: Located at Proctor, Vermont, Wilson Castle is a magnificent estate built in the nineteenth century. The house was built in 1867 and is a blend of Dutch neo-renaissance, Scottish baronial, Queen Anne, and Romanesque Revival styles. It is built of English brick and French marble in and has finishings done in bronze. The place is rented for hosting several weddings.

Birds of Vermont Museum: Located in Huntington, Vermont, the Birds of Vermont Museum is a non-profit institution and one of the most-visited places in the state. It was established in 1987 with a mission to preserve birds. The museum hosts exhibitions to educate people about the role birds play in the ecosystem. The museum boasts of having a variety of bird species including tropical birds and many nesting birds.

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