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North Dakota Tourist Attractions Map

by Vishal Kumar

North Dakota is home to many beautiful and unique places that draw millions of tourists to the state each year. The Dickinson Museum Center, Fargo, Devil's Lake, and the North Dakota Heritage Center are the major attractions.
State Parks Beaver Lake State Park, Devils Lake State Park, Icelandic State Park, Grahams Island State Park, Little Missouri State Park
Beaches Joyuda Beach, Devil’s Lake, Harker’s Lake, Lake Ashtabula
Museums Cavalier County Museum, Dakota Dinosaur Museum, Dickinson Museum Center, North Dakota Museum of Art, North Dakota Heritage Center
Historic Landmarks Fort Abraham Lincoln, North Dakota State Capitol, Huff Archaeological Site, Fort Union Trading Post, Former Governor’s Mansion
Other Places Four Bears Museum, Fargo Theatre, Badlands, Prairie Knights Casino, International Peace Garden

Some of the most popular destinations of North Dakota are:

North Dakota Museum of Art:

Located in Grand Forks, at the University of North Dakota campus, the North Dakota Museum of Art is the official art museum in the state. It was founded in the 1970s as the University of North Dakota Galleries. The museum is most noted for its exhibition galleries and popular displays such as the “Lewis and Clark: Rivers, Edens, Empires,” and “Bugs and Such”.


The largest city in North Dakota, Fargo is a famous tourist destination. The city is home to the Fargo Air Museum that houses aircrafts from the Second World War. Roger Maris Museum is another hotspot in the city. Fargo serves as the cultural, retail, and educational hub for the region. The North Dakota State University is located in the city.

The Dickinson Museum Center:

Located in Dickinson, North Dakota, the Dickinson Museum Center is a museum complex that preserves the history and culture of the state. It houses exhibits that tell the history of the development of North Dakota. The Joachim Regional Museum, the Prairie Outpost Park, and the Pioneer Machinery Museum make up the complete museum complex.

International Peace Garden:

Located on the international border between Canada and the United States, the International Peace Garden is a beautiful area covered by beautiful flowers and trees. It was established on July 14, 1932. The garden has over 150,000 varieties of flowers. The garden well known for its floral clock display, fountains, and chimes. Some building remains of the World Trade Center attack can be found in the garden area.

North Dakota State Capitol: 

Located in Bismarck, the North Dakota State Capitol houses the important government offices. The building is a nineteen storey tower, the tallest building in North Dakota. The Capitol has many government buildings in the vicinity. There are many parks, walking trails, and monuments that provide information about the history of the state. It is one of the leading tourist destinations in North Dakota.

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