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Nebraska Road Map

by Vishal Kumar

Nebraska is a part of the Midwestern United States. The road transportation network of the state is supervised by the Nebraska Department of Roads. At present, there are six interstate highways and 18 U.S. highways in the state of Nebraska.

Nebraska is a state lying on the Great Plains of the Midwestern part of the United States. Lincoln is the capital of the state and Omaha is the largest city.
In NE, a network of state highways is overseen by the Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR). Each and every important segment of roads supervised by the state of NE is designated a number, formally State Highway No. X. However, this segment is also called Nebraska Highway X.

Both U.S. Highways and Interstate Highways comprise the network, and are assigned per se. If you closely follow a Nebraska Road Map, you will not find any repetition of numbers among the networks.

State Highways in Nebraska

State Highway signals in NE are similar to a trapezium with a picture of an enclosed farm cart with two oxen at the base. In addition, there is a secondary network of Spurs, Joining Links, and Diversion Roads. All of them are enumerated in line with the alphabetical series of the county they lie in. Diversion Roads or Recreation Roads are specified by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The Nebraska Department of Roads has the overall responsibility of taking care of them.

Interstate Highways in NE

A comprehensive Nebraska Road Map will show the following Interstate Highways:

  1. I-76 Interstate 76
  2. I-80 Interstate 80
  3. I-129 Interstate 129
  4. I-180 Interstate 180
  5. I-480 Interstate 480
  6. I-680 Interstate 680

U.S. Highways in NE

You will see the following U.S. Highways in the state:

U.S. Highway 6 U.S. Highway 83
U.S. Highway 20 U.S. Highway 136
U.S. Highway 26 U.S. Highway 138
U.S. Highway 30 U.S. Highway 159
U.S. Highway 34 U.S. Highway 183
U.S. Highway 73 U.S. Highway 275
U.S. Highway 75 U.S. Highway 281
U.S. Highway 77 U.S. Highway 283
U.S. Highway 81 U.S. Highway 385

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