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Nebraska State Profile

by Vishal Kumar

Where is Nebraska? Nebraska is a state located in the Great Plains of the mid-western United States. Nebraska is bordered on the north by South Dakota; on the east by…

Where is Nebraska?

Nebraska is a state located in the Great Plains of the mid-western United States. Nebraska is bordered on the north by South Dakota; on the east by Iowa and Missouri; on the south by Kansas and Colorado; and on the west by Colorado and Wyoming.

What is the capital of Nebraska?

The capital of Nebraska is the city of Lincoln. It is the second-most populous city of the state; the population of the city in 2010 was estimated at 258,379.

What is the largest city in Nebraska?

Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska, United States. It covers an area of 118.9 square miles.

How big is Nebraska?

Covering a total area of 77,354 square miles, Nebraska is the sixteenth-largest state in the United States. As of 2010, the state had an estimated population of 1,826,341.

What is the nickname of Nebraska?

The official nickname of Nebraska is the “Cornhusker State.” The name refers to the athletic teams of the University of Nebraska – the “Cornhuskers”. Also, the name goes back to the method of harvesting crops or husking the grain by hand. Earlier the state was nicknamed “Golden Knights”, “Antelopes”, and “Bugeaters”.

When did Nebraska achieve statehood?

Nebraska is the thirty-seventh US state admitted to the Union on March 1, 1867. Prior to attaining statehood, Nebraska was known as the Nebraska territory. It became part of the United States after the Mexican War in 1848.

Who are the political leaders of Nebraska?

Governor: Dave Heineman
Lieutenant Governor: Lavon Lynn Heidemann

What is the economy of Nebraska like?

The gross state product of Nebraska was estimated at $89.8 billion in 2010. Food processing is the largest industry in the state. Telecommunications, information technology, agriculture, chemicals, retail and insurance, and manufacturing are the major sectors/industries in Nebraska. The state had an unemployment rate of 4.6% in 2010.

What is the official language of Nebraska?

English is the official language of Nebraska. The other languages spoken in the state include French, German, Spanish, Russian and Italian.


What are the main religions practiced in Nebraska?

Christianity is the official religion of Nebraska. Catholicism is the largest denomination, followed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and the United Methodist Church.

What are the famous places in Nebraska?

Joslyn Art Museum, University of Nebraska State Museum, Toadstool State Park, Fort Robinson State Park, Platte River State Park, Henry Doorly Zoo, and Archway Monument are the most famous places in Nebraska.

What are the state symbols of Nebraska?

State Bird: The western meadowlark was designated the official state bird of Nebraska in 1929. It is found across the western two-thirds of the country.


State Flower: The Goldenrod (Solidago gigantean) is the official state flower of Nebraska. It was declared the state flower in 1895. The Goldenrod is also the state flower of Kentucky.


State Tree: Cottonwood (Salicaceae Populus deltoids) is the official state tree of Nebraska. It is found throughout the eastern, central, and southwestern United States.


State Flag: The state flag of Nebraska was adopted in 1925, but it was officially designated the state flag in 1963. The flag consists of the state seal in the center across a blue field. The seal is in gold and silver. The motto of the state, “Equality Before the Law,” is states on a banner above the landscape that consists of mountains.

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