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Nebraska Geography

by Vishal Kumar

Nebraska is a state in the Great Plains of the Midwestern United States. The geographic center of the state is in Custer County.

General Features

Nebraska is a state located in the Great Plains of the mid-western United States. The total area of the state is 77,355 square miles. It is bordered on the north by South Dakota, on the east by Iowa and Missouri, on the south by Kansas and Colorado, and on the west by Colorado and Wyoming. The geographic center of the state is in Custer County.

The state comprises two major land regions:

  1. Dissected Till Plains: Covering the eastern fifth of Nebraska, the Dissected Till Plains consist of rolling hills crisscrossed by streams and rivers. The region is fertile and suitable for growing corn, soybeans, and sorghum grain. The northern section of the Plains is known as the Loess Hills.

  3. Great Plains of Nebraska: The area lying to the west of the Till Plains is referred to as the Great Plains. The region comprises several smaller, diverse land regions, including the Sandhills, the Pine Ridge, the Rainwater Basin, the High Plains and the Wildcat Hills. The highest point in the state, Panorama Point lies in this region.


Geographical Facts About Nebraska


Area 77,358 square miles
Land Area 76,878 square miles
Water Area 790 meters
Mean Elevation 790 meters
Highest Point Panorama Point (1,653 meters)
Lowest Point Missouri River (256 meters)
Geographic Center Custer County

Climate of Nebraska

The climate in the state varies throughout. The eastern-half of Mississippi has a humid continental climate, while the western half is characterized by a semi-arid climate. The highest temperature recorded in Nebraska is 48 ºC, while the lowest temperature was ’44 ºC.

Thunderstorms and tornadoes are common in the state. These usually occur in the spring and summer months, and sometimes in autumn. There is occasional snowfall accompanied by blizzards.


Nebraska has many high mountain ranges. Panorama Point is the highest point in the state, followed by Hogback Mountain, Mount Edna, and Lovers Leap Butte.


The other major mountain peaks in the state are:

Table Top Mountain Wildcat Mountain
Eagle Nest Rattlesnake Hill
Carnegie Hill Bald Hill
Bighorn Mountain Little Haystack Mountain
Bead Mountain


The major rivers in Mississippi are:

Missouri River Little Blue River
Niobrara River Snake River
Platte River White River
Republican River Nishnabotna River
Keya Paha River


The major lakes in Mississippi are:

Lewis and Clark Lake Calamus Reservoir
Harlan County Lake Johnson Lake
Lake C.W. McConaughty Sutherland Reservoir
Box Butte Reservoir

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