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Mississippi Topographic Map

by poonam bisht

The various features of the physiography of the state are shown in the Mississippi Topographic Map.

Mississippi Topographic Map

The Woodall Mountain with a height of 806 feet is the highest point of Mississippi, while the Gulf of Mexico at the sea level is the lowest elevation of the state. The Gulf Coastal Plain and the Mississippi Alluvial Plain are the two prime elements of the topography of the state. Piney Woods in the southeastern and southern part of Mississippi and Red Clay Hills in the north-central region of the state are an integral part of the Gulf Coastal Plain. The Alluvial Plain of Mississippi extends over the northern front of the state from southern Vicksburg. Rivers and lakes form a major portion of the Mississippi topography. Big Black river, Yazoo river, Mississippi river and Pearl river are some of the prominent waterways of the state. Pearl is the largest inland stream of Mississippi which drains to the Gulf of Mexico from the eastern zone of the state. Among the several artificial lakes of the state, Sardis, Arkabutla, Enid and Grenada are clearly marked in the topography map of Mississippi. All relevant references of the topography of the state can be found in the Mississippi map too.

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