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Asian Games Schedule 2018

Asian Games 2014 - May the best man and woman win
The fastest, strongest, ablest athletes from Asia come together every four years to participate in the continent’s greatest sporting spectacle — the Asian Games.
The games are a distant cousin of the Far Eastern Games, held for the first time in the Philippines in 1913. But the Asian Games as we know them today made their debut in New Delhi, India, in 1951. Only 11 countries took part the first time around. By the time they reached their 16th edition in Guangzhou, China, in 2010 — 45 countries and regions participated.

The torch of the games has now passed on to the beautiful South Korean city of Incheon— a metropolis of nearly 3 million people not very far from capital Seoul.

Over 16 days—from September 19 to October 4—Incheon will host 20,000 participants, including 13,000 athletes, from 45 countries and regions across this vast continent, and capture the imagination of Asia and the world. 

The official slogan of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games wonderfully captures the spirit and sporting tradition behind them—“Diversity Shines Here”.

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Sports Date Day Event Final
Football14 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Sports Date Day Event Final
Football15 Sep, 2014Monday EC
Sports Date Day Event Final
Football16 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Sports Date Day Event Final
Football17 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Sports Date Day Event Final
Football18 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Sports Date Day Event Final
Opening Ceremony
Sports Date Day Event Final
Aquatics – Synchronized swimming20 Sep, 2014Saturday1
Aquatics – Water polo20 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Badminton20 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Basketball20 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Cricket20 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Cycling – Track20 Sep, 2014Saturday2
Equestrian20 Sep, 2014Saturday1
Fencing20 Sep, 2014Saturday2
Football20 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Handball20 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Field hockey20 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Judo20 Sep, 2014Saturday4
Rowing20 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Sepaktakraw20 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Shooting20 Sep, 2014Saturday4
Squash20 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Tennis – Tennis20 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Volleyball – Beach20 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Volleyball – Indoor20 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Weightlifting20 Sep, 2014Saturday2
Wushu20 Sep, 2014Saturday2
Sports Date Day Event Final
Aquatics – Swimming21 Sep, 2014Sunday6
Aquatics – Synchronized swimming21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Aquatics – Water polo21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Badminton21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Baseball – Baseball21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Basketball21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Cricket21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Cycling – Track21 Sep, 2014Sunday2
Equestrian21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Fencing21 Sep, 2014Sunday2
Football21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Gymnastics – Artistic21 Sep, 2014Sunday1
Handball21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Field hockey21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Judo21 Sep, 2014Sunday5
Rowing21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Sepaktakraw21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Shooting21 Sep, 2014Sunday4
Squash21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Tennis – Tennis21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Volleyball – Beach21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Volleyball – Indoor21 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Weightlifting21 Sep, 2014Sunday2
Wushu21 Sep, 2014Sunday2
Sports Date Day Event Final
Aquatics – Swimming22 Sep, 2014Monday6
Aquatics – Synchronized swimming22 Sep, 2014Monday1
Aquatics – Water polo22 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Badminton22 Sep, 2014Monday1
Baseball – Baseball22 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Basketball22 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Cricket22 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Cycling – Track22 Sep, 2014Monday1
Fencing22 Sep, 2014Monday2
Football22 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Gymnastics – Artistic22 Sep, 2014Monday1
Handball22 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Field hockey22 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Judo22 Sep, 2014Monday5
Rowing22 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Sepaktakraw22 Sep, 2014Monday2
Shooting22 Sep, 2014Monday4
Squash22 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Tennis – Tennis22 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Volleyball – Beach22 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Volleyball – Indoor22 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Weightlifting22 Sep, 2014Monday2
Wushu22 Sep, 2014Monday2
Sports Date Day Event Final
Aquatics – Swimming23 Sep, 2014Tuesday7
Aquatics – Synchronized swimming23 Sep, 2014Tuesday1
Aquatics – Water polo23 Sep, 2014Tuesday1
Archery23 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Badminton23 Sep, 2014Tuesday1
Baseball – Baseball23 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Basketball23 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Bowling23 Sep, 2014Tuesday1
Boxing23 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Cricket23 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Cycling – Track23 Sep, 2014Tuesday1
Equestrian23 Sep, 2014Tuesday1
Fencing23 Sep, 2014Tuesday2
Football23 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Gymnastics – Artistic23 Sep, 2014Tuesday2
Field hockey23 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Judo23 Sep, 2014Tuesday2
Rowing23 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Sepaktakraw23 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Shooting23 Sep, 2014Tuesday4
Squash23 Sep, 2014Tuesday2
Tennis – Tennis23 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Volleyball – Beach23 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Volleyball – Indoor23 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Weightlifting23 Sep, 2014Tuesday2
Wushu23 Sep, 2014Tuesday2
Sports Date Day Event Final
Aquatics – Swimming24 Sep, 2014Wednesday7
Aquatics – Water polo24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Archery24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Badminton24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Baseball – Baseball24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Basketball24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Bowling24 Sep, 2014Wednesday1
Boxing24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Cricket24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Cycling – Track24 Sep, 2014Wednesday1
Equestrian24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Fencing24 Sep, 2014Wednesday2
Football24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Gymnastics – Artistic24 Sep, 2014Wednesday5
Handball24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Field hockey24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Rowing24 Sep, 2014Wednesday7
Sailing24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Sepaktakraw24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Shooting24 Sep, 2014Wednesday4
Squash24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Tennis – Tennis24 Sep, 2014Wednesday2
Volleyball – Beach24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Volleyball – Indoor24 Sep, 2014WednesdayEC
Weightlifting24 Sep, 2014Wednesday2
Wushu24 Sep, 2014Wednesday7
Sports Date Day Event Final
Aquatics – Swimming25 Sep, 2014Thursday6
Aquatics – Water polo25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Archery25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Badminton25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Baseball – Baseball25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Basketball25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Bowling25 Sep, 2014Thursday1
Boxing25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Cricket25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Cycling – Track25 Sep, 2014Thursday3
Equestrian25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Fencing25 Sep, 2014Thursday2
Football25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Golf25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Gymnastics – Artistic25 Sep, 2014Thursday5
Handball25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Field hockey25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Rowing25 Sep, 2014Thursday7
Sailing25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Sepaktakraw25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Shooting25 Sep, 2014Thursday10
Squash25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Tennis – Tennis25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Triathlon25 Sep, 2014Thursday2
Volleyball – Beach25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Volleyball – Indoor25 Sep, 2014ThursdayEC
Weightlifting25 Sep, 2014Thursday2
Sports Date Day Event Final
Aquatics – Swimming26 Sep, 2014Friday6
Aquatics – Water polo26 Sep, 2014FridayEC
Archery26 Sep, 2014FridayEC
Badminton26 Sep, 2014FridayEC
Basketball26 Sep, 2014FridayEC
Bowling26 Sep, 2014Friday1
Boxing26 Sep, 2014FridayEC
Cricket26 Sep, 2014Friday1
Equestrian26 Sep, 2014Friday2
Football26 Sep, 2014FridayEC
Golf26 Sep, 2014FridayEC
Gymnastics – Trampoline26 Sep, 2014Friday2
Field hockey26 Sep, 2014FridayEC
Sailing26 Sep, 2014FridayEC
Sepaktakraw26 Sep, 2014FridayEC
Shooting26 Sep, 2014Friday6
Squash26 Sep, 2014FridayEC
Tennis – Tennis26 Sep, 2014FridayEC
Triathlon26 Sep, 2014Friday1
Volleyball – Beach26 Sep, 2014FridayEC
Volleyball – Indoor26 Sep, 2014FridayEC
Weightlifting26 Sep, 2014Friday3
Sports Date Day Event Final
Aquatics – Water polo27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Archery27 Sep, 2014Saturday4
Athletics27 Sep, 2014Saturday5
Badminton27 Sep, 2014Saturday1
Baseball – Baseball27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Baseball – Softball27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Basketball27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Bowling27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Boxing27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Canoeing – Sprint27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Cricket27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Cycling – Road27 Sep, 2014Saturday2
Football27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Golf27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Handball27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Field hockey27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Sailing27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Sepaktakraw27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Shooting27 Sep, 2014Saturday6
Squash27 Sep, 2014Saturday2
Table tennis27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Tennis – Tennis27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Volleyball – Beach27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Volleyball – Indoor27 Sep, 2014SaturdayEC
Wrestling27 Sep, 2014Saturday4
Sports Date Day Event Final
Aquatics – Water polo28 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Archery28 Sep, 2014Sunday4
Athletics28 Sep, 2014Sunday8
Badminton28 Sep, 2014Sunday2
Baseball – Baseball28 Sep, 2014Sunday1
Baseball – Softball28 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Basketball28 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Bowling28 Sep, 2014Sunday2
Boxing28 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Canoeing – Sprint28 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Cricket28 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Cycling – Road28 Sep, 2014Sunday1
Equestrian28 Sep, 2014Sunday1
Football28 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Golf28 Sep, 2014Sunday4
Handball28 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Field hockey28 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Kabaddi28 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Sailing28 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Sepaktakraw28 Sep, 2014Sunday2
Table tennis28 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Tennis – Tennis28 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Volleyball – Beach28 Sep, 2014Sunday1
Volleyball – Indoor28 Sep, 2014SundayEC
Wrestling28 Sep, 2014Sunday4
Sports Date Day Event Final
Aquatics – Diving29 Sep, 2014Monday2
Aquatics – Water polo29 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Athletics29 Sep, 2014Monday7
Badminton29 Sep, 2014Monday2
Baseball – Softball29 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Basketball29 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Bowling29 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Boxing29 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Canoeing – Sprint29 Sep, 2014Monday6
Cricket29 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Cycling – Road29 Sep, 2014Monday1
Kabaddi29 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Sailing29 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Sepaktakraw29 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Shooting29 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Table tennis29 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Tennis – Tennis29 Sep, 2014Monday3
Tennis – Soft tennis29 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Volleyball – Beach29 Sep, 2014Monday1
Volleyball – Indoor29 Sep, 2014MondayEC
Wrestling29 Sep, 2014Monday4
Sports Date Day Event Final
Aquatics – Diving30 Sep, 2014Tuesday2
Aquatics – Water polo30 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Athletics30 Sep, 2014Tuesday4
Bowling30 Sep, 2014Tuesday4
Boxing30 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Canoeing – Sprint30 Sep, 2014Tuesday6
Cricket30 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Cycling – Mountain bike30 Sep, 2014Tuesday2
Equestrian30 Sep, 2014Tuesday1
Football30 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Handball30 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Field hockey30 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Kabaddi30 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Rugby sevens30 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Sailing30 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Sepaktakraw30 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Shooting30 Sep, 2014Tuesday2
Table tennis30 Sep, 2014Tuesday2
Taekwondo30 Sep, 2014Tuesday4
Tennis – Tennis30 Sep, 2014Tuesday2
Tennis – Soft tennis30 Sep, 2014Tuesday2
Volleyball – Indoor30 Sep, 2014TuesdayEC
Wrestling30 Sep, 2014Tuesday4
Sports Date Day Event Final
Aquatics – Diving1st Oct, 2014Wednesday2
Aquatics – Water polo1st Oct, 2014Wednesday1
Athletics1st Oct, 2014Wednesday11
Baseball – Softball1st Oct, 2014WednesdayEC
Basketball1st Oct, 2014WednesdayEC
Bowling1st Oct, 2014WednesdayEC
Boxing1st Oct, 2014Wednesday3
Canoeing – Slalom1st Oct, 2014WednesdayEC
Cricket1st Oct, 2014WednesdayEC
Cycling – BMX1st Oct, 2014Wednesday2
Football1st Oct, 2014Wednesday1
Gymnastics – Rhythmic1st Oct, 2014Wednesday1
Handball1st Oct, 2014Wednesday1
Field hockey1st Oct, 2014Wednesday1
Kabaddi1st Oct, 2014WednesdayEC
Rugby sevens1st Oct, 2014WednesdayEC
Sailing1st Oct, 2014Wednesday14
Sepaktakraw1st Oct, 2014WednesdayEC
Table tennis1st Oct, 2014WednesdayEC
Taekwondo1st Oct, 2014Wednesday4
Tennis – Soft tennis1st Oct, 2014Wednesday1
Volleyball – Indoor1st Oct, 2014WednesdayEC
Wrestling1st Oct, 2014Wednesday4
Aquatics – Diving2nd Oct, 2014Thursday2
Sports Date Day Event Final
Aquatics – Diving2nd Oct, 2014Thursday2
Athletics2nd Oct, 2014Thursday11
Baseball – Softball2nd Oct, 2014Thursday1
Basketball2nd Oct, 2014Thursday1
Bowling2nd Oct, 2014Thursday2
Boxing2nd Oct, 2014ThursdayEC
Canoeing – Slalom2nd Oct, 2014Thursday2
Cricket2nd Oct, 2014ThursdayEC
Football2nd Oct, 2014Thursday1
Gymnastics – Rhythmic2nd Oct, 2014Thursday1
Handball2nd Oct, 2014Thursday1
Field hockey2nd Oct, 2014Thursday1
Kabaddi2nd Oct, 2014ThursdayEC
Karate2nd Oct, 2014Thursday5
Modern pentathlon2nd Oct, 2014Thursday2
Rugby sevens2nd Oct, 2014Thursday2
Sepaktakraw2nd Oct, 2014ThursdayEC
Table tennis2nd Oct, 2014ThursdayEC
Taekwondo2nd Oct, 2014Thursday4
Tennis – Soft tennis2nd Oct, 2014Thursday2
Volleyball – Indoor2nd Oct, 2014Thursday1
Sports Date Day Event Final
Aquatics – Diving3rd Oct, 2014Friday2
Athletics3rd Oct, 2014Friday1
Basketball3rd Oct, 2014Friday1
Boxing3rd Oct, 2014Friday10
Canoeing – Slalom3rd Oct, 2014Friday2
Cricket3rd Oct, 2014Friday1
Kabaddi3rd Oct, 2014Friday2
Karate3rd Oct, 2014Friday5
Modern pentathlon3rd Oct, 2014Friday2
Sepaktakraw3rd Oct, 2014Friday2
Table tennis3rd Oct, 2014Friday3
Taekwondo3rd Oct, 2014Friday4
Tennis – Soft tennis3rd Oct, 2014FridayEC
Volleyball – Indoor3rd Oct, 2014Friday1
Sports Date Day Event Final
Karate4 Oct, 2014Saturday3
Table tennis4 Oct, 2014Saturday2
Tennis – Soft tennis4 Oct, 2014Saturday2
Closing Ceremony4 Oct, 2014SaturdayClosing Ceremony