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Snowmobiling is one of the few adventure sports in which a participant uses a vehicle and moves over the snows while trying to reach the finishing line before other competitors. The vehicles are known as the snowmobiles and they are manufactured in a special way to move fast on snowy surfaces. They have skis like the sledges at the front and rubber tracks at the rear. The snowmobiles usually have two-stroke engines , but the four-stroke ones are gaining increasing popularity with every passing day. Several types of tournaments of snowmobile are held every year and different categories of the sport are present. Watercross and Snowmobile skipping are some of these and a World Championship of the sport is also held every year during the summer time.

Snowmobiling is quite a new addition when it comes to the list of the adventure sports. The vehicle itself was an invention of 1916. Since then the snowmobiles have been a popular mode of transport in the snowy areas like the Arctic regions . They also had served the armies of several countries during the Second World War . Gradually, the speed of the vehicles was decided to be put to test in the races and from there came the sport of snowmobiling which are popular till date.

Snowmobiling involves a lot of danger because driving on the ice can easily cause accidents if the grip and the control are lost. Yet the sport is a loved by the people of the snowy regions and has long been and still is in the list of their favorite few sports.