Mountain Sports

by poonam bisht

A number of adventure sports involving mountains are popular all over the world. Some of them are as follows: – Hiking in general refers to walking amidst the natural environment for…

A number of adventure sports involving mountains are popular all over the world. Some of them are as follows:

– Hiking in general refers to walking amidst the natural environment for recreational purposes. Hiking trails are there all over the world specifically for hiking enthusiasts, it can be mountainous or any scenic terrain.

– Mountaineering history can be traced back to the ancient days of the human civilization. Mountaineering has emerged as one of the popular outdoor activity , which is regarded as both recreational and adventure sport . The term mountaineering refers to various activities taken together. The activities categorized under mountaineering include hiking or trekking and climbing . Mountaineering can have various disciplines depending up on the technique used for the purpose. The most common techniques used during mountaineering include rock-craft , snow-craft and skiing . The techniques used for the sport differs for various destinations. Mountaineering is considered to be one of the extreme outdoor activities, which demand high physical fitness and technicality. Mountaineers have been indulging in mountaineering since a long time

– Mountain biking has many branches like Cross-Country biking , Freeride, Downhill , Trials and others. Mountain biking is generally held across the mountain trails. The sport gained much popularity among the masses, as it gives the adventure lovers chance of feeling the thrill and challenge of mountain trails. The International Mountain Bicycling Association or the IMBA is the governing body for the sport at the international level. The vehicle used during the sport is a modified form of bicycle, which is called mountain bike . These mountain bikes are specially built to be driven on the mountain trails during the event. The IMBA arranges a number of mountain biking competitions across the globe every year. For the sport, trails are often artificially prepared.

– Mountain boarding has been derived from popular adventure sport , snowboarding . The sport has gained much popularity among the adventure lovers across the world. Mountain boarding is also known by different names like all-terrain boarding and dirtboarding . The aim of mountain boarding is to give the adventure lovers chance of experiencing the thrill of snowboarding even during the hot seasons and in the countries with hot climate. The origin of mountain boarding is said to date back to the late twentieth century. Since the time of its advent, the sport has come a long way and at present, many athletes indulge in mountain boarding .

Mountain boarding is usually divided in various categories based on the type of event. The popular disciplines of mountain boarding are freestyle and downhill. The category named downhill can further be categorized as downhill racing and freeride downhill. Mountain trails are used for holding various disciplines of mountain boarding. In freestyle mountain boarding , riders perform various tricks while riding on the mountain boards.

– Climbing or Mountain Climbing is an integral part of mountaineering . Mountain climbing has emerged as one of the popular adventure sports practiced by adventure lovers all round the earth. Mountain climbing can also be exercised as a recreational activity . Climbing is regarded as the process of ascending a vertical object. Generally climbers ascend using only their hands and feet.

The history of mountain climbing dates back to the ancient time in the history of mankind. Since then, the basic technique of climbing has remained same and simple. However, with the advancement of technology, various equipments have been introduced to the sport, to make the activity safer and easier. Mountain climbing can be of different kinds like rock climbing , ice climbing and bouldering . Generally the method of mountain climbing is classified under two main divisions, named free climbing and aided climbing . The climbing method, in which climbers use only their hands and feet, is known as free climbing. When climbers take help of various equipments for climbing, then the method is called aided climbing.

– Rock climbing has emerged as one of the adventure sport and outdoor activity among the adventure lovers across the world. An integral part of mountaineering , rock-climbing is also a popular discipline of mountain climbing . As a whole, rock-climbing refers to the process of climbing an inclined rock surface with or without any artificial support. Rock-climbing is considered to be one of the most challenging adventure sports practiced by the masses. Rock-climbing evolved as a sport during the later half of the nineteenth century. Since then the sport has been much developed and advanced.

– Abseiling is the method of descending for a steep formation using a rope. Abseiling is also recognized as rappelling , roping down , roping and snapling. Abseiling is associated with mountaineering , and is a discipline of mountain climbing . The activity is also considered as an adventure sport . An outdoor activity , abseiling is regarded as the opposite process of climbing

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