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Tricking is one of the popular adventure sports , which is considered to be one of the latest entrants in the world of adventure sports . Tricking is said to have evolve from two sports, gymnastics and martial arts . The aim of tricking is to perform various tricks or movements. Often tricking is referred to as an extreme form of martial arts. Although the tricks performed during sport have been practiced since a long time, tricking as a distinctive sport is relatively new.

The sport tricking requires super flexibility on the part of the tricksters. For this reason, the sport is enjoyed by most young people. Tricking is performed on various platforms like grass, floor and concrete. Mats and special flooring are used during the training session for tricking. Tricks can also be performed in water, where there is more resistance and less impact.

Though derived from martial arts , tricking is a fully non-contact sport . Tricking is often associated with cheerleading performances, where similar movements are exercised. As a new sport, specialized training for the sport is not available. However, people set groups and practice tricking . Various movements demonstrated during the activity of tricking include tornado kick, 360 kick, 540 kick, aerial, back tuck, butterfly twist, doubleleg, masterwipe, 540 crescent, X-out, aerial switch, hypertwist, hyperwipe, flash kick, wallflip and trinity flip.

As a physical and adventure sport , injuries and accidents are common phenomena during tricking . Most common injuries during the sport are sprains, cuts and bruises. Seldom severe injuries like muscle pulls, broken bones and senselessness occur during tricking . Tricksters have to be possessor of highly flexible body to avoid the injuries. Lot of practice and deep concentration can be useful in making the movements of tricking perfect.