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Find here all unearthed facts about Mexico ( Datos de Mexico ) including history, tradition, people, language, cities, currency, government, economy, etc.

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What is the complete name of Mexico ?
United Mexican States (Estados Unidos Mexicanos in Spanish)

What is the capital of Mexico ?
Mexico City

What is the official language of Mexico ?

What type of government does Mexico have ?
Federal republic

Who is the president of Mexico ?
Enrique Peña Nieto

When did Mexico declare independence ?
September 16, 1810, but Mexico’s independence was not recognized by Spain until almost eleven years later, on August 24, 1821 with the Treaty of Córdoba

What country had settled Mexico before independence ?

How big is Mexico ?
1,964,375 square kilometers, or 1,220,606 square miles. Mexico is the 15th largest country.

What is the population of Mexico ?
116,220,947 (July 2013 estimate). Mexico is the 11th most populous nation.

What currency is used in Mexico ?

Where is Mexico located ?
Mexico is located in southern North America, below the United States and above Central America.

What are the major mountain ranges in Mexico ?
  • Sierra Madre Oriental and Sierra Madre Occidental (extensions of the Rocky Mountains)
  • Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt (the Sierra Nevada range)
  • Sierra Madre del Sur
  • Peninsular Ranges

What are the major rivers in Mexico ?
  • Usumancita
  • Grijalva
  • Papaloapán
  • Coatzacoalcos
  • Pánuco
  • Rio Bravo del Norte (known as Rio Grande in the United States)

What countries border Mexico ?
  • United States
  • Guatemala
  • Belize

What body of water forms the border between the United States and Mexico ?
The Rio Grande

Where is the highest point in Mexico ?
Pico de Orizaba volcano at 18,491 feet or 5,610 meters above sea level

Where is the lowest point in Mexico ?
Laguna Salada at 33 feet or 10 meters below sea level

How many time zones does Mexico have ?
Three. Central, Pacific (which is Mountain Time in the United States and Canada), and Northwest (which is Pacific Time in the United States and Canada)

How many states does Mexico have ?
31 + Federal District

What are the capitals of the Mexican states ?
  • Aguascalientes – Aguascalientes
  • Baja California – Mexicali
  • Baja California Sur – La Paz
  • Campeche – San Francisco de Campeche
  • Chiapas – Tuxla Gutiérrez
  • Chihuahua – Chihuahua
  • Cohuila – Saltillo
  • Colima – Colima
  • Durango – Victoria de Durango
  • Guanajuato – Guanajuato
  • Guerrero – Chilpancingo de los Bravo
  • Hidalgo – Pachuca de Soto
  • Jalisco – Guadalajara
  • Mexico – Toluca de Lerdo
  • Michocan – Morelia
  • Morelos – Cuernevaca
  • Nayarit – Tepic
  • Nuevo Leon – Monterrey
  • Oaxaca – Oaxaca de Juárez
  • Puebla – Puebla de Zaragoza
  • Querétaro – Santiago de Querétaro
  • Quintana Roo – Chetumal
  • San Luis Potosí – San Luis Potosí
  • Sinaloa – Culiacán Rosales
  • Sonora – Hermosillo
  • Tabasco – Villahermosa
  • Tamaulipas – Ciudad Victoria
  • Tlaxcala – Tlaxacala de Xicohténcatl
  • Veracruz – Mérida
  • Zacatecas – Zacatecas

What is the largest state in Mexico ?
Chihuahua (95,543 square miles or 247,455 square kilometers)

What is the smallest state in Mexico ?
Tlaxcala (1,541 square miles or 3,991 square kilometers)

What does the Mexican flag represent ?
The green, white, and red of the Mexican flag originally stood for independence (green), religion (white), and union (red). The meaning of the colors are now hope (green), unity (white), and blood of the national heroes (red).

Mexico’s coat of arms is centered on the flag, featuring an eagle eating a serpent, perched on a prickly pear cactus above a lake. The image comes from an Aztec legend.

What is the national anthem of Mexico ?
“Himno Nacional Mexicano”

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