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How deep is the Gulf of Mexico?

Gulf of Mexico map highlighting its deepest point

The average depth of the Gulf of Mexico is 5,299 feet (1,615 meters) and the maximum depth is estimated to be 14,383 feet (4,384 meters).

The Gulf of Mexico is a ‘sea’ and is part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is enclosed largely by North America. The Gulf of Mexico shares its borders with the United States on the north, northeast and northwest, Mexico on the southwest and the south. Cuba is located to the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico. To the north of the Gulf of Mexico are the US states of Alabama, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Some 1,680 miles of the US coastline and 1,743 miles of the Mexican coastline borders the Gulf of Mexico.

The Gulf of Mexico has a maximum width of 932.06 miles and a surface area of approximately 600,000 square miles. It comprises a volume of around 2,500 quadrillions (a real number!) liters. The deepest part of the Gulf of Mexico is Sigsbee Deep, which has an estimated depth of around 14,383 feet.

The Gulf Stream originates here, and it is one of the strongest ocean currents in the world. It is a warm Atlantic Ocean current and the warmth of this current is the cause of formation of devastating Atlantic hurricanes.

Recreation and the tourism sector are important industries in the regions that surround the Gulf of Mexico. Fishing is also an important industry and the economies of many states that lie along the Gulf of Mexico are driven by the fishing industry.

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