Cities in Mexico (Mexico Ciudades)

Mexico City Map
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RankCity/Locality (Localidad)Population (2010 census)Municipality (Municipio)State (Estado)
1Mexico City8,851,080all 16 boroughs (delegaciones)Mexico City
2Ecatepec1,655,015Ecatepec de Morelos MunicipalityMéxico
3Guadalajara1,495,182Guadalajara MunicipalityJalisco
4Puebla1,434,062Puebla MunicipalityPuebla
5Juárez1,321,004Juárez MunicipalityChihuahua
6Tijuana1,300,983Tijuana MunicipalityBaja California
7León1,238,962León MunicipalityGuanajuato
8Zapopan1,142,483Zapopan MunicipalityJalisco
9Monterrey1,135,512Monterrey MunicipalityNuevo León
10Nezahualcóyotl1,104,585Nezahualcóyotl MunicipalityMéxico
11Culiacán905,265Culiacán MunicipalitySinaloa
12Chihuahua809,232Chihuahua MunicipalityChihuahua
13Naucalpan792,211Naucalpan de Juárez MunicipalityMéxico
14Mérida777,615Mérida MunicipalityYucatán
15San Luis Potosí722,772San Luis Potosí MunicipalitySan Luis Potosí
16Aguascalientes722,250Aguascalientes MunicipalityAguascalientes
17Hermosillo715,061Hermosillo MunicipalitySonora
18Saltillo709,671Saltillo MunicipalityCoahuila
19Mexicali689,775Mexicali MunicipalityBaja California
20Guadalupe673,616Guadalupe MunicipalityNuevo León
21Acapulco673,479Acapulco de Juárez MunicipalityGuerrero
22Tlalnepantla653,410Tlalnepantla de Baz MunicipalityMéxico
23Cancún628,306Benito Juárez MunicipalityQuintana Roo
24Querétaro626,495Querétaro MunicipalityQuerétaro
25Chimalhuacán612,383Chimalhuacán MunicipalityMéxico
26Torreón608,836Torreón MunicipalityCoahuila
27Morelia597,511Morelia MunicipalityMichoacán
28Reynosa589,466Reynosa MunicipalityTamaulipas
29Tlaquepaque575,942Tlaquepaque MunicipalityJalisco
30Tuxtla Gutiérrez537,102Tuxtla Gutiérrez MunicipalityChiapas
31Durango518,709Durango MunicipalityDurango
32Toluca489,333Toluca MunicipalityMéxico
33Ciudad López Mateos489,160Atizapán de Zaragoza MunicipalityMéxico
34Cuautitlán Izcalli484,573Cuautitlán Izcalli MunicipalityMéxico
35Ciudad Apodaca467,157Apodaca MunicipalityNuevo León
36Matamoros449,815Matamoros MunicipalityTamaulipas
37San Nicolás de los Garza443,273San Nicolás de los Garza MunicipalityNuevo León
38Veracruz428,323Veracruz MunicipalityVeracruz
39Xalapa424,755Xalapa MunicipalityVeracruz
40Tonalá408,759Tonalá MunicipalityJalisco
41Mazatlán381,583Mazatlán MunicipalitySinaloa
42Irapuato380,941Irapuato MunicipalityGuanajuato
43Nuevo Laredo373,725Nuevo Laredo MunicipalityTamaulipas
44Xico356,352Valle de Chalco Solidaridad MunicipalityMéxico
45Villahermosa353,577Centro MunicipalityTabasco
46General Escobedo352,444General Escobedo MunicipalityNuevo León
47Celaya340,387Celaya MunicipalityGuanajuato
48Cuernavaca338,650Cuernavaca MunicipalityMorelos
49Tepic332,863Tepic MunicipalityNayarit
50Ixtapaluca322,271Ixtapaluca MunicipalityMéxico
51Ciudad Victoria305,155Victoria MunicipalityTamaulipas
52Ciudad Obregón298,625Cajeme MunicipalitySonora
53Tampico297,284Tampico MunicipalityTamaulipas
54Ciudad Nicolás Romero281,799Nicolás Romero MunicipalityMéxico
55Ensenada279,765Ensenada MunicipalityBaja California
56Coacalco de Berriozábal277,959Coacalco de Berriozábal MunicipalityMéxico
57Santa Catarina268,347Santa Catarina MunicipalityNuevo León
58Uruapan264,439Uruapan MunicipalityMichoacán
59Gómez Palacio257,352Gómez Palacio MunicipalityDurango
60Los Mochis256,613Ahome MunicipalitySinaloa
61Pachuca256,584Pachuca de Soto MunicipalityHidalgo
62Oaxaca255,029Oaxaca de Juárez MunicipalityOaxaca
63Soledad de Graciano Sánchez255,015Soledad de Graciano Sánchez MunicipalitySan Luis Potosí
64Tehuacán248,716Tehuacán MunicipalityPuebla
65Ojo de Agua242,272Tecámac MunicipalityMéxico
66Coatzacoalcos235,983Coatzacoalcos MunicipalityVeracruz
67Campeche220,389Campeche MunicipalityCampeche
68Monclova215,271Monclova MunicipalityCoahuila
69La Paz215,178La Paz MunicipalityBaja California Sur
70Nogales212,533Nogales MunicipalitySonora
71Buenavista206,081Tultitlán MunicipalityMéxico
72Puerto Vallarta203,342Puerto Vallarta MunicipalityJalisco
73Tapachula202,672Tapachula MunicipalityChiapas
74Ciudad Madero197,216Ciudad Madero MunicipalityTamaulipas
75San Pablo de las Salinas189,453Tultitlán MunicipalityMéxico
76Chilpancingo187,251Chilpancingo de los Bravo MunicipalityGuerrero
77Poza Rica185,242Poza Rica de Hidalgo MunicipalityVeracruz
78Chicoloapan de Juárez172,919Chicoloapan MunicipalityMéxico
79Ciudad del Carmen169,466Carmen MunicipalityCampeche
80Chalco de Díaz Covarrubias168,720Chalco MunicipalityMéxico
81Jiutepec162,427Jiutepec MunicipalityMorelos
82Salamanca160,169Salamanca MunicipalityGuanajuato
83San Luis Río Colorado158,089San Luis Río Colorado MunicipalitySonora
84San Cristóbal de las Casas158,027San Cristóbal de las Casas MunicipalityChiapas
85Cuautla154,358Cuautla MunicipalityMorelos
86Ciudad Benito Juárez151,893Juárez MunicipalityNuevo León
87Chetumal151,243Othón P. Blanco MunicipalityQuintana Roo
88Piedras Negras150,178Piedras Negras MunicipalityCoahuila
89Playa del Carmen149,923Solidaridad MunicipalityQuintana Roo
90Zamora141,627Zamora MunicipalityMichoacán
91Córdoba140,896Córdoba MunicipalityVeracruz
92San Juan del Río138,878San Juan del Río MunicipalityQuerétaro
93Colima137,383Colima MunicipalityColima
94Ciudad Acuña134,233Acuña MunicipalityCoahuila
95Manzanillo130,035Manzanillo MunicipalityColima
96Zacatecas129,011Zacatecas MunicipalityZacatecas
97Veracruz, Boca del Río Municipality126,507Boca del Río MunicipalityVeracruz
98Ciudad Valles124,644Ciudad Valles MunicipalitySan Luis Potosí
99Guadalupe124,623Guadalupe MunicipalityZacatecas
100San Pedro Garza García122,627San Pedro Garza García MunicipalityNuevo León
101Naucalpan121,470Huixquilucan MunicipalityMéxico
102Fresnillo120,944Fresnillo MunicipalityZacatecas
103Orizaba120,844Orizaba MunicipalityVeracruz
104Miramar118,614Altamira MunicipalityTamaulipas
105Iguala118,468Iguala de la Independencia MunicipalityGuerrero
106Delicias118,071Delicias MunicipalityChihuahua
107Ciudad de Villa de Álvarez117,600Villa de Álvarez MunicipalityColima
108Ciudad Cuauhtémoc114,007Cuauhtémoc MunicipalityChihuahua
109Navojoa113,836Navojoa MunicipalitySonora
110Guaymas113,082Guaymas MunicipalitySonora
111Minatitlán112,046Minatitlán MunicipalityVeracruz
112Cuautitlán108,449Cuautitlán MunicipalityMéxico
113Texcoco105,165Texcoco MunicipalityMéxico
114Hidalgo del Parral104,836Hidalgo del Parral MunicipalityChihuahua
115Tepexpan102,667Acolman MunicipalityMéxico
116Tulancingo102,406Tulancingo de Bravo MunicipalityHidalgo
117San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec101,810San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec MunicipalityOaxaca

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Where is Hermosillo Where is Heroica Nogales Where is Huixquilucan
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Where is Monterrey Where is Morelia Where is Naucalpan de Juarez
Where is Nicolas Romero Where is Nuevo Laredo Where is Oaxaca de Juarez
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