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Tybee Island

The Tybee Island is located in the USA, in the state of Georgia. Keep surfing Mapsofworld for further information and choices on Islands around the world and also for information on other places.

Located near the Savannah city in Georgia, the Tybee Island's claim to fame and invasion is salt. The Native American Euchee Indians call 'salt' "tybee". That is where the island got its name - salt being the chief natural resource of the Tybee Island. The island has also had quite a chequered history, involving the English, the Spanish, the French and also pirates. The landscape of the island is mostly savannah-like with tall grasses. The rest of the island is beaches, beaches and more beaches. The waters in and around the Tybee Island is teeming with marine fauna of immense variety, making it a fishing paradise. In any case, the island is a miniature paradise in itself; with the salty Zephyr brushing against you and the salt filled surf curling up your toes, it is a truly unique experience you cannot feel anywhere else in the world.

Tiny, the island may be, but it nevertheless packs in quite a punch. The Tybee Island is a fun place to be; with plenty of fests and other events happening all year round. Getting to the island isn't a difficult job at all with several and regular services both via water and air. The weather on Tybee Island is pretty constant except for the storms and cyclones. Tybee Island may be a small land mass, but there are plenty of interesting things to see and absorb. Some of these places even hold historical value. A list of the places that are worth a see are: Memorial & Jaycee Park , Fort Screven , The Tybee Island Lighthouse , Fort Pulaski , Marine Science Center , Cockspur Lighthouse , Tybee Pier & Pavilion and Battery Garland . Most restaurants on the island serve up mouth watering seafood. Seafood is the staple diet of the island. However, numerous varieties of cuisines are available nevertheless, to cater to your preferences. Some of the places to choose from are: A-J's Dockside , Wind Rose Cafe , Las Palmas , Longboard Cafe , Tango , Keith's Island Barbecue , Sundae Cafe & Deli , Sunrise Restaurant , Hunter House , Sting Ray's , Huc-A-Poo's , Sugar Shack , The Grill Beachside , Fannie's On The Beach , Dewey's Fishhouse and Pizza On Wheels .