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Parris Island

The Parris Island is located in the USA, in South Carolina near Beaufort. It is basically a military base. Keep surfing Mapsofworld for further information and choices on Islands around the world and also for information on other places.

The Parris Island holds solely a military value. Any tourism to the island involves a tour of the military base and training centers. Of course, a prior permission is required to visit the island. The Parris Island is named after Colonel Charles Parris, who bought the island from the English in 1715 . The complete name of the island is Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island . Military activity began on the island began in 1891. It is still used as the depot from which training is awarded to those recruited into the naval division of the US military - the marines. Currently some 18,000 recruits receive their initial training on the Parris Island every year. In fact, several national war heor have been trained at the Parris Island.

Being a natural island, there are several natural formations and landscapes all over the island. The Ribbon Creek is one such place which is also the home of a tragic incident which occurred on the fateful day of April 8, 1956.

The island has several inland waterways and water bodies making it an ideal spot for rigorous training of the marines. The other interesting thing on the island is the Receiving Building and the 'yellow footprints' outside it. You could also visit the Parris Island Museum and Penn Center .