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Coney Island

The Coney Island is located in Brooklyn, USA and is a neighbor to the New York City. Keep surfing Mapsofworld for more information and choices on Islands around the world and also other places.

Situated in the south of Brooklyn, the Coney Island is a peninsula accessible by two modes of transportation - rail and road. It also forms a part of the barrier islands called Long Island. The name 'Coney Island' is an anglicized version of a name given by the Dutch - " Konijn Eiland". There are plenty of places to lodge in that will suit your budget. Some of the names are Golden Gate Motor Inn, Best Western International Hotel Gregory and Comfort Inn.

The Coney Island is best known for its amusement park. However, the history of its origin was for a different reason altogether. The Coney Island was built with the intention of primarily defending American popular art - both performing arts and visual arts. So, apart from the amusement park, the island houses a multi-arts center, museum and a theater programming. What's more is the fact that it is a non-profit organization. They organize several summer programs and other festivities and carnivals like the "Mermaid Parade". Some of the places to visit apart from the amusement park are: ConeyIsland Museum Collection, Astroland, The New York Aquarium and Deno's WonderWheel Park.

The Coney Island has several first-rate eating joints that promise to make you salivate at a meager thought. Some of the names are: Totonno Pizzeria Napolitano, Don'tCook Tonight, Rob's Deli, Crown Fried Chicken, Dunkin Donuts, Kennedy Pizza & Fried Chicken, J&S Fish and Chip, Carolina, Gargiulo's, Roberto's Restaurant & Pizza, Pizza on the Run, Totonno, Natalie Café, L&T Gourmet Food, Mermaid Food Plaza, Los Jarritos, Maria's Cuchifrito Restaurant, Mi Candileja and Nathan's Famous. The chief of the recreational activities are to be indulged in the amusement park. The others are a direct result of the park itself. Beach-bumming could be another option.