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Kings Islands

The Kings Islands is also known as the Three Kings Islands. It is located in the southern region of the Pacific Ocean in the confluence of the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Keep surfing Mapsofworld for further information and choices on Islands around the world and also for information on other places. The Kings Islands was christened by Dutchman Abel Tasman after the occasion of the he landed on the island - it was the Feast of the Twelfth Night. The Kings Islands is a cluster of some 13 small islands; most of which are uninhabited and uninhabitable. The island is mainly volcanic in origin. The chief places on the Kings Islands are Cape Reinga , Hauma , Spirits Bay , Te Werahi Beach , Motuopao and Manawatawhi . The islands abound in rich marine life.

Plant life in the island is restricted to mostly shrubs and scrub type of vegetation; however, one can find a few large trees as well. Apart from the island activities, there are two specialties that the island boasts of. One is the internationally recognized rare and endangered species of plant which is called the "pennantia baylisiana '.

The other unique selling point of the Kings Islands is the wreck of the ship Elingamite . Diving to the wreck is quite an attraction for visitors to the island. The islands are mainly inhabited by the Maori. The Kings Islands is also an ecologist's paradise.