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Description : World Islands map showing all the islands of the world. Disclaimer

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Defined as land masses surrounded by water, islands form a world of their own.
It wouldn't be too wrong to call them microscopic continents. However, one thing that most islands worldwide have in common is a vibrancy and abundance of flora and fauna. There are several islands worldwide that have become either a tourist's haven or an ecologist's haven, or both, due to the varieties and species of plants, birds, insects, animals and other forms of life that thrive in them.

However, some of the other islands worldwide have attained fame due to the exotic nature of the culture of the inhabitants. An extensive list of the islands worldwide is given below. So for more information on these islands keep surfing through Mapsofworld.

San Juan Island  :  The San Juan Island is about picturesque natural beauty, outstandingly global-standard museums – of beauty and modernity – all rolled into one. This being its characteristic nature, the San Juan Island is truly worth a visit.

Big Island Hawaii  : The Big Island Hawaii is mainly volcano. But things don't stop there; they begin there. It harbors all the side-effects of being a volcanic land – rich vegetation, lava fields, water-falls, coffee plantations and oh so much more...

Solomon Island  :  a small and quiet fishing district of historic proportions is what the Solomon Island is about.

Amelia Island  : 13 extensive miles of virgin sand and benign sun is what makes the Amelia Island a tourist's paradise. However, do not dare to have restricted notions about it. The things that make up the island's identity stretch a long way.

Jekyll Island  :  like the famed story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Jekyll Island has a dual identity. However, you need not worry, neither of them are destructive. The island is a mind-blowing combination of old world charm and modern luxury.
Marco Island  :  with a favorable tropical and sub-tropical climatic condition the Marco Island is another apt tourist destination. You are advised to go beyond the beaches of this city (yes it is a city!) as it has a lot more to explore.

Marshall Island  :  the Marshall Island – better known as the Republic of the Marshall Islands – is famous for the marine life that abounds around it. The island has an equally rich heritage and culture.

Mackinac Island  :  this exquisite land mass shot to fame due to its links to the boom of the fur trade. However, the Mackinaw Island is a beautiful place to be as it has plenty to offer its visitors.

Turks And Caicos Island  :  known best for housing the third largest coral reef system, it is a paradise for adventurous water-sport lovers and beach-bummers alike.

Bahamas Island  :  another beach-bummer's and adventurer's heaven, the Bahamas Island is a collection of some 700 islands. However, most of the land mass is uninhabited and so remains unexplored.

Coney Island  :  the Coney Island is less of an island and more of a peninsula. It is also not much of a tourist spot, but a hub of modern civilization.

Canary Island  :  famous for being a volcanic island and also for being the largest island cluster in the world, the Canary Islands have more to offer than are laid out in tourist brochure.

Tropical Islands  :  they are places where you can lean back on your chair, take a deep swig from your glass, watch the waves and the surf rumble in and rumble out of the virgin sands and unwind...

River Islands  :  better known as Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge, it was originally a collection of 57 islands. They thrive in animal, fish, bird, plant and also insect life. Today, however, only 41 islands remain.
British Virgin Island  :  they are a collection of some 60 islands in the Caribbean region. A tourist destination by nature, the green waters, the white sands and the beckoning palms are truly alluring.

Prince Edward Island  :  another tourist destination this, it is resplendent with a myriad hues. It is also the smallest province in Canada – and the most beautiful no doubt.

The Province of the Prince Edward Island boasts of some of the fabulous beaches such as the Cavendish Beach, Crystal Beach, Cabot Beach, Chelton Beach, Sunset Beach, etc.

Easter Island  :  the alternative names for this island are "Rapa Nui" and "Isla de Pascua". Their claim to fame is the huge mysterious statues that encircle the island. In terms of culture too, the island has a rich and equally mysterious one.

Staten Island  :  a Borough city in nature, it is one among a collection of five such Borough city in New York City. For 53 years it also served as a depository place for the New York garbage.

Vancouver Island  :  it is yet another holiday destination for more reasons than just its natural beauty. It has an extremely rich cultural and traditional heritage which is a remnant of its Native past.

Kings Islands  :  these clusters of islands are a declared Nature Reserve, and are famous for harboring New Zealand's major "dune eco-system".

Cayman Islands  : the Cayman Islands group consists of three islands – the Grand Cayman, the Cayman Brac and the Little Cayman. These land masses are as much a tourist destination as a business hub.

Treasure Island  :  forming a part of California, the Treasure Island is a one of its kind artificial man-made land mass linked to the Yerba Buena Island.

Catalina Island  :  this island located off the coast of California is a land blanketed by dense foliage. It falls under Natural Preserves.

Cook Islands  :  form beaches to hills this cluster of around 15 islands have it all and more. It is and ideal getaway for those looking for both fun and relaxation.

Tybee Island  :  lighthouses, beaches and expanses of sand are assured to greet you at this island. For the adventurous in nature, they offer a host of water-sports too!

US Virgin Island  :  these are a collection of four islands. They offer variety to tourists as they have beaches and hills all rolled into one.

Block Island  :  the specialty about this island is that it seems to have enough beach-space for every one. Most of the water bodies in the Block Island are natural fresh water springs.

Alcatraz Island  :  a historic landmark, ex-military base and a monitored prison; the Alcatraz Island is all this and a lot more...

Fiji Islands  :  the land mass of the multi-cultural Fiji Islands is comprised of a cluster of 322 islands. Most of these islands, however, remain uninhabited.

Parris Island  :  the island has military value mainly. Parris Island is known more for being a training ground for the US Marine and housing the Marine Corps Air Station.

Greek Islands  :  the Greek Island offers you an ideal tropical holiday with plenty of sand, sun and sea. There is a rich cultural heritage to check out on as well.

Galapagos Island  :  a land for nature lovers and scientists this. It is most famous for being the base of Darwin's study and thesis. So you will find as many geologists on the island as visitors.

Sanibel Island  :  it is another exotic tropical paradise – rich in flora and fauna. The major past time on its beaches is "shelling" or shell-hunting.

Last Updated on: February 25th, 2020