Bonn Map

The City of Bonn
Bonn is located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city has a population of around 311,287 people. With its history dating back to the Roman era, Bonn is one of the oldest cities in Germany. The origin of the city can be traced back to the first century BC, when it was founded as a Roman settlement. Post World War 2 and the partition of Germany, Bonn became the capital of West Germany. However, with reunification of the two Germany's in 1990, Berlin was declared the capital of the nation.

How to reach Bonn
The Cologne-Bonn Airport, which is located at a distance of 16 km to Bonn, is the nearest airport to the city. The airport in well-connected to major cities in Germany and around the world. Getting transport is easy as after every 30 minutes the SB60 airport bus leaves from the airport to Bonn's central bus station near the Hauptbahnhof. A train also operates from the airport to Bonn-Beuel.

Places of attractions in Bonn
Popular attractions in Bonn include the Catedral de Bonn, Bonn Botanic Garden, Beethoven Statue, Beethoven Square, Wildpark Venusberg, Bonn Christmas Market, Bonn Egyptian Museum, among others.

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